There is no right age to be a content creator. Talking to Grish Majethiya proved it. He is the youngest guest I’ve had the chance to host on an AMA session. At 16, he is already an entertainer, creator, actor and winning a trophy at Dramebaaz Season 3.

How does he manage acting, content creation and school?

He doesn’t. Grish says ‘there is no managing.’ It is all part of his day and routine. For him acting is a passion, and so he doesn’t go out of the way to balance things.

What kind of content is he developing after getting the chance to act on screen?

Because he is staying put at home due to the pandemic, he is creating content around his life. One example is his class 10th results on which he created two posts.


The reach of this post was 30,000+, and 8K people shared it on their stories. What does it prove? Relevant, relatable and authentic content has the power to go viral.

Was the journey to becoming a creator and actor formidable?

He began acting when he was nine and to prepare himself; he joined Marathi theatres. Some years later he saw an online ad of Dramebaaz season 3 auditions. He sent his video, got selected, and the rest is history. It was this break that made him serious about acting.

He’s been lucky that the school co-operated with his shooting schedule. So much so that they rescheduled his examinations when they overlap with his acting. 

To all young creators out there, Grish makes clear that “Aisa nahi hai ki mujhe exams nahi dene padte.” He too has to sit for them just like any other student. 

How did his parents react to his decision to be an actor?

They were incredibly supportive, with one caveat – that he has to balance his acting with his education. 

If he had to pick between JEE and acting, what would be his choice?

Sometimes the brilliance of creators strikes out of the blue, and the answer to this question was one of it. Grish opted for the middle path. 

He aims to get into IIT Bombay. Why? So that he can juggle both acting and education since part of his interest lies in technology.

On his plans for the future?

Formal education in acting or theatre from the likes of NSD is not in the books for Grish right now. That said, he does participate in a lot of workshops to hone his skills.

He had plans to shift to Mumbai after sitting for his class 10th exams, but then COVID-19 struck. So, he is staying put in Aurangabad till he finishes school. 

What is his advice to other creators?

  • There is no age to enter the acting industry. You can start at any time. 
  • But first, start learning acting. He banked on YouTube to get free lessons. He recommends the Join Films YouTube channel – the Google of Bollywood. 
  • Next, move on to giving online auditions.
  • Don’t give up when you are rejected. It is not solely a testament to your skill or talent. It could be due to simple reasons like your height not matching that of the character. 

My take on the AMA session

As Girish said, support is fundamental to becoming a good creator. It doesn’t matter if you’re working or still in school. You need pillars that help build your path.

Another statement by Grish that resonated with me is “you don’t lose anything in participating or trying things.”

So, creators, jump in and do #yourthng!

Cover picture courtesy:  Grish Majethiya’s Instagram

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