TikTok created a sensation in the country when it entered the market. Eventually, it became a household name. It had all kinds of content on it. Some found it cringy and others found it inspirational. We witnessed talents from modest backgrounds across the nation. The impact that the app created was unprecedented. The reason behind it is because it is one of its kind which is why it had more than 120 million monthly active users and more than 611 million downloads in India before it was banned.

With the presence of Instagram Reels, YouTube, and Indian versions of TikTok- Moj, Mitro, etc., ban on TikTok seems to have no impact on the users but when you dive deeper into the scenario you understand the major shift in the content creation market.


  1. Massive Outreach:

TikTok was a platform that reached the remotest areas of India. The actual talent was seen emerging from the ground! What helped was the fact that it was available in more than 2 languages and it had all variety of content available which is why it was every brand’s first choice. Now, with the app gone, brands haven’t found its perfect replacement. None of the apps in India have that outreach and audience that TikTok had gathered in a very small span of time.

  1. Alternative Apps:

There are multiple Indian apps which are based on the exact concept of TikTok. Mitro, Moj, MX TakaTak are a few of the ones launched. However, they did not have the same download capacity as TikTok. Plus they lag in user experience. They are unstable which questions their outreach and brands do not want to invest in the unstable business.

The audience and content creators that TikTok had are now dispersed among various platforms which add to instability. Additionally, the mere following doesn’t work for these apps. It is the audience engagement that attracts brands for these apps which cannot be established overnight. It needs time. And all of these efforts are miserably failing here!

  1. Reels Game:

Instagram Reels, Facebook, and YouTube are more stable platforms than the new apps launched post-TikTok ban. With Reels, there is a lack of mass reach which is why it fails to replace TikTok entirely. Reels and Instagram are more of a professional platform whereas TikTok had an image of a common man. Everyone and anyone could use it to showcase their talent. It became a teen’s entertainment platform because of its simpler features and usage. The same follows with Facebook and YouTube. TikTok provided more content in less time. The entire app was dedicated to this primary feature and this is why it had a huge audience engagement. This is not the same as the other platforms.

Brands have not been impacted that much because of the alternatives available. Their outreach might not be that deep as TikTok’s but it is enough to garner audience engagement and business for brands.

The content creators’ audience and popularity are at stake. Their audience is gone and so has their engagement. The top creators of the banned app may get a space on other platforms but the rising stars who were still trying to make their mark are struggling miserably. The need of the content creators who shot to fame on TikTok to adjust with this new reality until the local apps overcome their flaws or until the ban on TikTok lifts. Till then all you gotta do is keep creating and do your thng.