Remember how before the pandemic we thought that if we get WFH, we will tone those abs and work tirelessly in gyms? Well, the pandemic came, the lockdown happened and now we have adjusted well to this new normal. Even in the midst of such a 180° change, we haven’t found time for our workout because now we say that the workload has increased which no doubt must have! But what is important is to consider one’s health because “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. 


In our attempt to keep you healthy, we have brought before you a few exercises that you can do while you are engaged in your laptops. According to experts, WFH without body workouts can turn your body into a creaking chair! Here are the first few things that you should do before you start your day!


  1. Along with setting up your work desk, lay a yoga mat or a workout mat on the floor near your workspace. This is a way that reminds you to work out. It is like a calling from the mat itself to come and shed some sweat on it!

  2. Name your yoga mat. I know it sounds weird but give it a name just like you name your pet animal, plant, your car even a stone.

  3. Chalk a workout plan at the beginning of the day itself so that you save time by every time finding videos or looking for exercises to do. This way in between your breaks, you will have clarity as to what exercise you are supposed to do. 


Next is, to begin with, the workouts!

  1. Every 30 mins, just stand up and walk around for 3 minutes. Then sit back and stand up again. Do this for another 3 minutes.

  2. Do 5 mins of squats against the chair. Put your chair on the mat, place your feet on your mat firmly, now try to sit on the chair slowly, and when you are about to touch the chair get up quickly. This helps you to work on your glutes, core, and quads.

  3. Next is look at your chair and squat down to the ground. Keep a hip-width space between your legs and go as low as you can. Initially, you might struggle. Use your chair for support. Over time your aim should be to sit in a squat. This will strengthen your core and inner thighs and it will also avoid stomach sagging.

  4. Next is your neck and your brain which are very important for your desk job. So sit straight on your chair and open your palms wide. Place them on either side of your chair. Now start to bend down keeping your back and neck straight then come back up. Try this for at least 3-5 mins.
  5. For your back, you need to come down to the mat. Place your knees in line with your thighs on the mat and your palms exactly in line with your shoulders. Take a deep breath in and lift your neck towards the sky and let your stomach down. Then breathe out and bring your neck in towards your chest and pull your core towards the sky like a camel’s hump.

  6. Lastly, end these exercises in a plank. You can choose between a mountain or an elbow plank whichever is feasible for you at first. To do an elbow plank, you have to place your elbows right in line with your shoulders and your palms and hands spread wide parallel to each other. Extend your legs to create a straight line from your toes to your neck and head. This can be modified by placing your palms in line with your shoulders instead of your elbows. Try to hold it for at least 30 seconds at first and eventually make it for 3-5 mins. 


Pro Tip: Whichever exercise you do, just pay attention to your breath. Sync your exercise with breathe in and breathe out. This will give you support to last long in your exercises. 


This was our plan chalked especially for you because we care for your health and well being. So next time when you sit on your desk to start working, remember to try these out. Till then take care and do your thng