Struggling to figure out the best place to increase your content’s reach or for marketing?

Look no further.

We understand that it gets difficult to create content in the times when there are almost similar features on all the platforms (i.e stories). It’s equally tiring for audiences alike, where we instinctively reject most of the content within a single scroll. If there’s the slightest of a hint that the content has been created to promote a product, we skip it (happens subconsciously).

Therefore, in order to minimize this rejection, one needs to add value to the content and experiment with trending social media platforms/features. And the best one right now, for creators and brands alike is Instagram Stories.

They are widely consumed and known to result in better engagement. Brands or creators, everyone has been trying to improve at creating Instagram stories, to maximize their following.

Now you might be wondering why everyone’s this crazy about IG stories?

After all, stories are a constant feature on almost every platform.

Let us tell you why:

Reason No. 1: Great Discovery

Unlike Facebook and WhatsApp where only friends and contacts can see your uploads, Instagram stories allow greater discovery of your content. With the use of hashtags and mentions, your stories can reach a wider audience. In the case of a business account, there’s a dedicated option to make your stories discoverable, which helps them to attract new followers.


Reason No. 2: Immediacy

The highlighted circle around the profile compels you to click on stories. It brings a sense of immediacy, which invites the users to subconsciously click to know what a user has shared.

Reason No. 3: Sense of Exclusivity

You can create content in specific formats for promotions, exclusively for your followers. It will provide them value, as most of us are looking to understand the brand or their functions, and what better way than through stories.

The option to create highlights is specifically amazing and acts like a digital catalog.


Reason No. 4: Personalization & Analytics

IG stories are pretty advanced and it offers a variety of features to create engagement. You can interact with your audience using questions, polls, quizzes, etc. This will build a greater connection, which can be then converted into sales.

And the best part is you can track their behavior like clicks, forward taps, replies, exits, etc., and optimize the content for the future.


Reason No. 5: A Lifetime Billboard for Promotion

There are endless possibilities to promote through Instagram stories. You can create specific announcements or promote using paid campaigns. Consider stories as your personal billboard, where you create content and people listen.


Apart from these functionalities, improved filters, AI and regular new updates make Instagram stories worthwhile for brands & creators. The widespread liking narrates a tale about its success and clears the debate that IG stories are here to stay.

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