From reviewing toys to making ice-creams, our country has some of the best social media tweens influencing the tinies throughout the country. With the internet available at almost every home, these urban tweens do not shy away from showing off their creativity. Let’s know more about the life of these bright minds of the country who are taking the internet by storm. 


What were you doing when you were mere 4 years old? I was still learning to speak properly, but this was not the case with Anantya Anand, who fell in love with the camera. She started as a child model for one of the vlogs for Shruti Arjun, who is herself a lifestyle and fashion vlogger. After some time she convinced everyone that she needed a YouTube channel for blogging, ain’t that some confidence? So she started her channel in 2017 and now enjoys 4 million views per video.


KichaTube HD

When was the first time you learned to make your first tea? Our next influencer, Nihal Rajagopalan AKA Kicha has been making mouth-watering delicacies since the age of 3. He took help from his mother, Ruby who happens to be a professional baker herself. 

Kicha’s journey started when he managed to shoot a video of himself making ice popsicles and upload it on YouTube in 2017. Since then, he has managed to upload 150 cooking videos. 

Aayu and Pihu Show

Aayu and Pihu show started as a way of helping Ayush, who was then 3, learn a lot by watching informative and fun videos. This led the parents of these kid influencers to start a new channel for them to enhance their creativity.

Since then, over 180 fun and innovative videos have been uploaded on the channel. The videos uploaded by them are not only fun but also full of learning and wisdom.


Kyrascope Toy Reviews

It is timed for TOYS!!! Kyra Kanojia is a 5-year-old toy reviewer. She loves to assemble toys and started her channel Kyrascope Reviews. Although she doesn’t know to read instructions yet she loves to do that. 


Wonder Girl AYAT

In 2016, a melodious voice came into the spotlight. Ayat Sheikh is a multi-talented girl who could sing, dance, and joke and hence she started her own YouTube channel and amazed everyone around her. Her video of auditioning for The Voice Kids became a sensational hit in 2016. 


These kids are entertaining the world with their creativity and making everyone appreciate their talent. You must check out their channels and let us know what you love about them the most. To know more about such content, you could check DYT blogs.

Also, wishing all of you a very Happy Children’s Day.