We wrote this article when COIVD was still raging, making Diwali celebration online a  necessity. Two years later, the question of how to host a virtual Diwali is barely asked. 

Yet, there are families who are still miles apart, separated by miles or just obligations that make coming together for the festive season an impossibility. 

But, that does not mean we can’t still have fun. All it means that you’ll be hosting a Diwali party online!

Virtual Diwali ideas for 2022 (in case you need them)

Before you dive into planning a Diwali celebration online, get yourself in the spirit of festivities – clean your home. 

The festival of lights is all about inviting Ganesha and Lakshmi into your home. The remover of obstacles and the goddess of wealth is known to grace homes that are clean.

So, for once let your Monica Gellar avatar free and go ballistic on dust, cobwebs, and whatnot.

While you’re taking breaks during the cleaning spree get to work on the first step of planning an online Diwali celebration.

1. Make someone the tech person

As one of our favourite creators puts it, “Kushu ab dikh rahin hun?”

We all have parents and elder siblings who are clueless about technology. You don’t want to plan a virtual Diwali party where half the time is spent wondering how to start the call, switch on the camera or microphone. 

Find a tech savvy person with an abundance of patience and set him or her as the tech person.

What is their role?

  • To teach all the tech-challenged relatives how to use Zoom (or any other app you use for the Diwali celebration online).
  • To smoothen over any tech glitches that occur during the party.

2.       Designate a host for the party

We’re not assuming that you will be the host of the virtual Diwali party for one reason. The host has to be an extrovert personality or someone who loves to direct people around. If that’s not you, get a family member to be one.

Why does your online celebration need a host? Without one, the party will be a mess. They ensure that it runs smoothly.

What is their role?

  • To take the lead. 
  • To welcome everyone. 
  • To steer the conversation through the party.
  • To move everyone from one activity to the other.

You can even designate two hosts, and they can split up the duties. One can manage the virtual event for the first half and the other one can do it for the last half.

3.       Invite less than 20 people

Think of a dinner party you went to that was stuffed to the gills. Were you able to connect with everyone? No! 

When a party get crowded, it is hard to connect. This phenomenon compounds when you’re celebrating online.

How do you talk, laugh and enjoy while staring at teeny- tiny windows on your laptop screen? It is near impossible. 

So, the best idea for a virtual Diwali party is to keep the guest list less than 20. Don’t invite every cousin, 2nd cousin and 3rd cousin. Keep it intimate, and you’ll enjoy more!

4.       Decorate and dress up

Just because it is a Diwali celebration online doesn’t mean you can do it in pyjamas. The anticipation of dressing up is as enjoyable as the party itself. 

So, find your best threads, glam up yourself and then attend the virtual Diwali party. 

For the same reasons, decorate your house. Light up the diyas, candles and lamps to get into the spirit of holidays. 

If you’re too tired to put up décor all around the house, at least have an attractive backdrop

One of the best ideas for a virtual Diwali party is to have a competition on who can get their home to look the most festive. Or who dresses up the best for the party!

5.       Send a reminder before the party

About 30 minutes before the party, send everyone a reminder. It’s a smart thing to do especially if you have relatives who are not comfortable with technology.

Send everyone the Zoom link and password so that they can set everything up. Plus, the extra half an hour gives people the time to call the tech captain to resolve any issues they are facing!

6.       Keep the virtual Diwali do short

Make sure you have a start time and end time in mind. Else, the celebration will drag on because no one knows when is the time to say goodbye and become a bore. 

Another thumb rule is to keep the party short. The ideal time is 1 to 2 hours unless it is an online Diwali taash party. In that case, rage on till you have a clear winner.

But if the Diwali celebration online is just dinner and some games, keep it short. After an hour, attention spans get diluted and the fun leeches out. 

Get the small talk out of the way. Have dinner together (or cook together). Play a game and then call it a night. 

7.       Make the virtual Diwali real with poker

We know no Diwali is complete without some taash. It’s a tradition. But just because you can meet your family or friends, doesn’t mean you can’t have a card party.

There are dozens of apps for online poker. Get everyone to download one and then get to playing.

That’s it, folks!

Those were our ideas for hosting a Diwali celebration online.

We hope your festivities are safe, merry, and joyous.

Shubh Diwali.

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