If you are a creator, at some point a brand must have asked you to submit a mock shot. If it hasn’t happened yet, brace yourselves, it’s coming. Consider it as one of the prerequisites that strengthen the collaboration between brands and creators.

A mock shot is a rough layout like a sample or a content piece that a brand asks to check the potential and feasibility of a creator for a campaign. It strengthens the collaboration between brands and creators. It’s also instrumental in establishing trust and can help a creator crack campaigns from bigger brands, therefore, you need to be careful while making a submission. 

In the series to help creators at winning campaigns and result in better collaboration, we first came up with tips to better your email pitch. Today, we share a list of do’s before submitting a mock shot.

Let’s get better at creating one.

Tip 1: Submit a mock shot close to the final output

Always remember that it will act as proof of your potentials. Try to pull of your best work that will make their jaw drop and instantly connect with you to request for final work.

Tip 2: Do not compromise on the quality

A low quality work can never be a deal-breaker. Do not compromise on the quality and try to submit your best work while sending a mock shot.

Tip 3: Be thoughtful & creative while creating

They have obviously rejected the initial ideas and have connected with you, expecting something exemplary. Use your capabilities to create a thought proving content, capable enough to fire engagement for the brand.

Tip 4: Be punctual and not lazy

We understand that there’s a lot going around in these times, and you may miss a deadline, but never risk your commitments for a moment of laziness. It can turn into a habit and will result only in disappointment.

Tip 5: Be creative but don’t go 360 degrees from the original brief

Flow into the creative juices but stick to the brief. You might be awesome at creating different content pieces or styles, but if it doesn’t serve the requirement, it won’t inspire the brands to invest in you.

If you follow these points and conceptualise a perfect mock shot, brands are bound to collaborate with you (multiple times) for campaigns.