Music is the refresh button of life. It is something that calms the soul. Every mood has a song –  heartbreak, happy, sad, nostalgia. Then there are songs that evoke memories, big or small, as if they were happening RN! The first few strains and you’re transported to a completely different world. A world full of memories, smiles, and sometimes tears too. That’s why of all the creators we follow music influencers on Instagram are our favourites.

Indian music influencers on Instagram who are also creators

When we say music influencers on Instagram, we don’t simply mean singers. We mean social media influencers and creators who take us to a magical world with their mesmerizing content and vocals. 

Bhuvan Bam

We all have seen and appreciated his comic videos but we think he is a hidden Instagram music influencer. He took our heart away with his song ‘Heer Ranjha.’ It was fantastically written, composed, and sung by him. Every time the song ends our hearts go just once more. 


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Prajakta Koli a.k.a MostlySane

Okay, we know you’re surprised to see MostlySane listed as one of our music influencers on Instagram. But give her chance. Have you seen her playing a ukulele and singing along? You’ll be as big a fan of her singing as of her other content. The talent really does add one more gem to her personality.


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Shirley Setia

Okay, yes, Shirly is a true Indian music influencer on Instagram. Her soothing voice along with her heartwarming ukulele tunes leaves everyone awestruck.


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Sejal Kumar

Sejal is why we love content creators. There is no limit to what they can do. From podcasts to fashion tips to songs, nothing is impossible for them. Go check the song ‘Aisi Hun’ by Sejal and you’ll get why we list her one of the top music influencers on Instagram in India. We’ve been following her since way back when she posted about late-night karaokes!


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Tanzeel Khan

Tanzeel, part of a popular creator group “dammfam” and the proud singer of many fabulous songs like Umeed, Befikr, Dilli Ki Ladki. His mesmerizing voice obviously makes him one of the music influencers on Instagram.


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Aashna Hegde

Aashna made her debut with the beautiful song ‘Befikar’ that also featured the vocals of Tanzeel. Her voice is lovely but she is not just an Instagram music influencer. Her content is diverse!


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Jannat Zubair  

Along with being a talented actress, Jannat is an amazing singer. Our heart will never gets over her beautiful performance in Fam Jam, which is why we count her as one of the music influencers on Instagram.

Avneet Kaur

Not many people know about the hidden talent of our lovely Princess Yasmine. If you are one of them, then do yourself a favour. Listen to Avneet’s cover of “can’t help falling in love with you.” We promise you will be astonished and agree with us that she could be a music influencer India.


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Angry Prash

Just like his name, Angry Prash’s content is even more unique and mind-blowing. His track ‘Rap ka baap’ speaks a lot about his work and personality. The YouTuber accepts that he’s not a rapper (check out the comment on the linked song). So, we’ll let you decide if he is a social media music influencer or not!


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Shashank Sanghvi

Shashank’s series #singwithShash where he creates expressive covers of some popular songs and shares with his followers are truly magnetic and worth watching.


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Share your fav music influencers on Instagram

Well, these were the  extra talented social media influencers who never fail to amaze us with their overwhelming songs and content.

Their voices connect with us. Now, we want to know who are your favourite music influencers from India! Drop their names in the comments.