“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd

Ever thought of choosing a dress for yourself among the best collections of world class designers? A super challenging job but needs to be done because we can’t wear all the dresses at one time, the same goes for words. There are many words which we think are suitable but can’t use all of them at the same time. This is the problem faced by most of us. 

I know the word but when and where to use it is the issue.

Choosing the right words and then arranging them all together is like choosing the best rangoli design and then presenting it with beautifully filled colors.

Here are some tips that would surely help you to present your rangoli of words most beautifully:


Giving it an eye-opening start with a stunning topic

Millions of thoughts bouncing in the head, but which one to focus on is the millennial question. Get ready by gathering all your problems because here are some easy and simple solutions that would help you out.


  • Shaking hands with Facebook: Busy in scrolling the news feeds on Facebook?  Well then give yourself a little break and look for the Facebook groups that share your interests. This could help you to know more about the expectations of people and this will work as a great asset for you.
  • Interact with readers through comments: Looking at comments from posts that were posted earlier would connect you to your audience and will make your work much easier and heart touching.



Allow your post to win hearts

The post should be such that its magic could be sensed by the first word we read and its content should be much more powerful and equally charismatic. The post should be properly formatted with all the errors removed and zero-copy flaws.


Garnishing your content with high value

Writing 500-1000 words doesn’t make any sense if you are not providing any value to your content. It is much like a movie without any screenplay and camerawork. Providing value to your content is the prime step that can never be ignored.

Summing it up

Writing is a practice that helps us present all our thoughts on paper. But it’s upon us how we present our thoughts to our readers. Readers are the ones who want to read our thoughts but without getting bored. They want to know you with all your beautiful colors incorporated. Write away, folks!