Amid the cloud of uncertainty in today’s world, there’s one thing certain- Instagram is the best platform for creating content.

It has established its dominance since the early days where it started as a personal photo book and come a long way to being one of the most content-rich social platforms. From Brands to celebrities to creators, everyone leverages IG to gain followers (& business). It’s the best way to reach your audience and engage them with attractive photos, videos, polls, stories, IGTV, carousels, and now reels.

The platform has also affected us on a psychological level, where we constantly search for follow-unfollow hacks to gain popularity on Instagram. To help you up your social media game and spread fire with exciting content, we recommend you to invest time in creating stories and carousel posts.

Why choose to post carousels and stories on IG? 


1) The ease and the option to be real

Stories can be created instantly, without making them pitch-perfect like feed-posts. Most of us tend to be more authentic, showing our real world to the followers of the stories. You can give a peek at the behind-the-scenes of your world, which will help to form  a real connection with your followers.

2) Protect the aesthetics of the feed

Aren’t we all secretly very cautious about the aesthetics of our IG feed? We tend to create posts in specific sizes, with an intended profile view, which we maintain (religiously). Stories save us from breaking that loop, and not be restricted in creating content (as in the feed).

3) Stories have a higher reach than posts

Statistically speaking, only 10% of your followers can see your posts in the feed. The reach and discovery on the feed are comparatively low from stories, where the viewership goes beyond 15%, of your followers.


4) To Nurture Creativity 

There are creative ways to make content on stories using polls, gifs, AR, stickers, collage, and a lot more to create content on IG stories. These inbuilt features nurture creativity and provide an opportunity to showcase talent.

Click here to some of the features

5) For StoryTelling & Personalized Recommendations

Storytelling creates an everlasting impact on your followers. Using collage content is the best way to share recommendations or when you have to share multiple thoughts. Always choose the carousel format in the feed to increase viewership and reach.

 Click here to see how you can use the carousel format


6) To draw focus towards your post content

You may have seen creators giving a peek or announcing new posts on stories. It’s the best strategy to immediately share your post in stories, which increases your content discovery.

Further, carousels and stories work wonders for branded posts as it allows them to creatively display their offerings. It also makes it easy to scan their products. Therefore, for creators, it’s necessary to have a definite strategy for Instagram to give prime focus to creating stories & carousel post content.

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