From #nomakeup posts to #latenight_party posts, we all know what Instagram is for us.  It has now become Jai to the Veeru within us, winning hearts over Gabber’s (other social websites) and adding the charm of Basanti to all our relations.

You don’t need to be another Sharukh Khan or Amitabh Bachan to become another “Shahen shah” among your loved ones. You can be your own “Badshah” by posting the personal experiences of your life, which people may relate to themselves and they will connect with you.

Impressing your audience sometimes is quite easy but winning their hearts every time you post something is what turns you on the road to growth and success. 

In this magnetic journey of becoming your own “Badshah” on Instagram you need growth, which could be attained by following some of the important steps;

  • Bring uniqueness to your content: Posting the same things repeatedly would make your content look like ordinary “Dal chawal” which you can’t have everyday. You need to spice things up and change your outlook and of others too.
  • Providing your followers with a double dose of entertainment and value: Entertaining your followers is important but what’s more important is getting them what they need. Providing them with something informative would attract them towards you and will give you unstoppable growth.
  • #Use hashtags: Using hashtags will make your content searchable and will help to find your content.
  • Know your audience: Getting appreciated by your audience is like receiving “Bharat Ratna “from the government. But before you receive this award, you need to know what exactly your audience wants. Providing them with what they want will keep your audience indulged and attracted to you, and this would give you your “Bharat Ratna”.  

In a nutshell

Instagram is just like a daily newspaper where you act as both reader as well as the writer. There is no hard and fast rule that you have to post the image or video of your life only. You can also talk about the social issues prevailing in the country or about what is trending ‘#trending” or about fashion, food, and much more. Being the writer of your newspaper it is your responsibility to provide entertaining and  valuable content to your audience. With this ever-evolving world, we need to  tighten up our jeans to run fast and get us more “ Bharat Rattans”