Between the Christmas fruit cake, eggnog and cookies, your plan for the holidays is to get stuffed on treats and merry spirit. But what about prepping your content calendar? Is it just as full of holiday season content ideas?

The floodgates are already open.

Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are bursting with recipes, outfits, travel plans and charity drives with holidays at their nexus. Creators who continue to ignore the season, do so at their peril.

So, if you’re facing a dearth of ideas (*raises hand*), here is a quick blog on holiday season content to drive social media engagement.

What are Some Unique Ideas to Push Holiday Season Content?

Every holiday season, the usage of mobile apps goes way up. So does mobile shopping. We aren’t saying it, experts deduced it.

Though it’s not rocket science, given that social platforms are a great way to window shop before you actually part with your moolah.

How does it help a content creator? Well, you can cash in on the online traffic. On your chosen social, parade, flaunt or sasha your stuff! Holidays really are the best time to convince people to try new stuff.

1.         Present them as holiday gift ideas

Christmas is about gifts. Well, yes, also Jesus. But mostly gifts. Everyone has to buy them, but few know what to get.

Content creator now is your time to shine. Give your followers some inspiration on what to gift their friends, colleagues, partners, kids, family members and every other person under the Sun.

If you genuinely believe or love a product, share it with your community this Christmas.

2.         Create a style guide for the holidays

If gifts don’t float your boat, then stick to celebrations.

December is chock full of parties. First, it’s the Christmas get-togethers, and then it is New Year’s Eve. From work to neighbours to friends, everyone celebrates the two days.

What’s a creator got to do? Make a style guide. Give your fashion-challenged followers ideas on outfits to wear for a Christmas party or how to accessorize during a freezing New Year’s Eve celebration.

Source – Sherry Shroff

Content like this raises your engagement rate by some serious notches. So, rope in collaborators or brands to make the most of it.

*FYI, we think this tip works for any creator not just lifestyle bloggers. E.g., if you’re a travel influencer, share a travel guide for the holidays. (We sure could use some sunny pictures of talcum powder beaches right about now!)

3.         Promote a social cause

Another way to drive engagement with holiday season content is to promote a social cause. Pick anything close to your heart:

  • Shelter for animals during foggy winter nights.
  • Distributing blankets/warm clothes to those who need it.
  • Or even using sustainable gift wrapping for Christmas.

Christmas Gift Idea
Source – Our Planet Our Home

Ask your followers to do the same. Give them direct links to NGO and groups to make it effortless. With charities and donations, you not only make a difference but also add a positive spin to your content.

Holiday Season Content Ideas That Share Your Story

Till now the holiday season content ideas we shared were focused on your followers. Although that’s well and good, it is the year-end. Shouldn’t you take stock of what you did in the past twelve months?

Hell yeah! You should. With that mind, here are two posts you can create this month.

4.         A look back on the year

Call them summary posts or throwbacks the gist is still the same. In a blog, Reel, Shorts or a carousel of images:

  • Commemorate the year that has been.
  • Share your best performing content with your followers.
  • Create a reel of the year’s highlights like noteworthy mentions, successful collaborations or any special news

Think #SpotifyWrapped

Source – Spotify

5.         A tease of what’s to come

Who doesn’t love a sneak peek?

Along with your new year resolutions, give your followers a tiny glimpse of what’s in store for the next year. It could be a collaboration you’re working on or an old idea finally coming to fruition. The intention is to drop hints and lure in some of that traffic on social media.

Just create any holiday season content

Holiday season content is a no-brainer.

Every creator has to generate it.

The trick is to make something that truly delights followers instead of adding to the holiday ‘noise.’ Evoke emotions. Encourage sharing. Or simply create something unique with winter as the theme like ??

Source – Fake Ad Co. 

So, what are you creating? Tell us on our app?


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