Today, it makes the most sense to have creators at the center of your marketing strategy. Working with content creators adds authenticity and scalability to your marketing campaigns, making you reach the intended audience. Yes, influencer marketing is lucrative and easy, but you need to mind a few #thngs in order to better utilize their influence like creating a kickass creator’s brief. But the bigger elephant is  how to repurpose influencer generated content.

Why brands need influencer generated content?

In order to get more mileage from your influencer campaigns, you need to know how and where can you repurpose the content created by micro-influencers, nano-influencer and even celebrities. But first, let’s tackle why brands and influencer marketing go hand in hand.

1. For Cost Cutting Campaign Budget

Forget about spending large sums on the production, casting, and execution on traditional ads. Once you collaborate with a creator, you take full responsibility for content deliverables. It’s a time-saving and budget-friendly method.

2. For Creating Spot On Content

They live & breathe to create content, and have built their audience after spending a huge time on experimentation. Working with creators will ensure that you create kickass content, bound to be appreciated by the audience.

3. For Penetrating Larger Audience

They enjoy a huge following and their content leads to greater discovery. Your brand will get a chance to reach a larger audience.

4. For Creating A Long Term Value

Today, users care more about authentic social media accounts endorsing than a celebrity. If a creator advocates your brand, their audience automatically starts reciprocating. This added trust will guarantee a campaign’s success and create a long term value.

How do brands repurpose influencer content?

When brands think of influencers, they think of sponsored content. When the truth is that influencer-generated content can be used in billion ways all it needs is some blue-sky thinking.

1. Repurpose content for brand’s social handles

Think about it. No more brainstorming for a creatives and posts that rake in good engagement. You can simply repurpose a creator’s content on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media handle. It’s the easiest and most functional way of repurposing original content for maximum impact. Don’t forget to mention the creator’s account in the description.

2. Repurpose influencer content on emailers

Let’s face it, email marketing works and every brand worth their products knows this. But cold emails are like the two faces of a coin. There’s a 50/50 chance of success or failure. Using a creator’s face or any influencer-generated content in an email marketing campaign almost guarantees success. Why? Because they are more recognisable and evoke a sense of trust that tends to create more engagement.

3. Repurpose influencer content as website creatives

From blogs to webpages to website banners, one of the best ways to repurpose influencer generated content is to use them on your brand website. It’s an effective way to increase traffic and keep the visitors engaged. For e-commerce sites, it glues audiences to the page, creating an opportunity for impactful communication.

4. Paid social media ads 

Repurposing influencer generating content for in-feed ads is hands down the best option for brands. Let’s face it, users are not lured in by conventional ads. They get hooked by creators and their reviews. Showcasing influencer content in the feed and integrating it with a shopping feature will work wonders for your sales. 

The trick to repurposing influencer generated content

While there are million ways how brands can repurpose original content, they all must follow one caveat. Always get the creator’s permission to use the content for perpetuity.

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