Annus horribilis. That’s Latin for a horrible year, and it sums up 2020 perfectly. 

For many creators, it was even harder. Creating content in the times of coronavirus was anything but child’s play, and it took a toll on mental health.

COVID-19 was just the tip of the iceberg. Bushfires. Flash floods. Volcano eruptions. Locusts. Cyclones. And not to mention the many good souls we lost this year – Chadwick Boseman. Kobe Bryant. Sushant Singh Rajput, to name some.

2020 was a long chain of unfortunate events unfolding like Russian nesting dolls.

So, why are we remembering all the things that knocked us off our feet this year? 

Because the first step to a positive mindset is honesty. When you call it as it is, you don’t drain your energy painting a black and white situation with a colour brush. 

Instead, you embrace reality and move on to the greener side. 

The Good Side Of 2020

It was a bad year but, let’s be honest, 2020 had its moments. Dalgona coffee was one of them. 

Another was the unleashed power of social media bringing everyone together. We had DJ Nice playing live music, sunup to sundown, from his home. He literally created global parties that were attended by the who’s who. 

And yes, we were part of the 100,000 who attended his #ClubQuarantine alongside Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Diddy and more!

Creators came forward and used their influence to help health workers. While Kusha Kapila donated face shields to hospitals, Vir Das did a 30-minute IG live where every penny went to charity.

People around the world sang together from their windows and balconies. Some even played an entire opera for plants that were donated to healthcare workers.

Roger Federer surprised two girls in Italy who went viral in April for playing rooftop tennis while they were quarantined.

We lived through a cleaner world – at least for a few months. Ganga was sparkling again, something even the Namami Gange programme couldn’t achieve.

Earth Overshoot Day, the day humanity exceeds Earth’s biocapacity, shifted by 3 whole weeks all because of the pandemic.

Why are we reminiscing the good side of 2020? Because the second step to a positive mindset is acknowledging the good. 

Count Your Blessings

The final step to a positive mindset is counting your blessing.

So, please press pause. Take a seat and think. Write everything good that happened to you this year. Got the time to bake more pancake cereal? Write it down. Finally, had the time to try different types of content? Write it down. 

Anything that you accomplished. Any risk you took. Any obstacle you overcame. A moment that made you feel stronger. Write it all down.  

Accept, Acknowledge, and Count. Those are 3 steps to bidding 2020 adieu on a positive note. But not every mind is the same, which means what works on us, may not be as effective on you. With that thought, we give you some more tips on how to be positive.

Tips On How To Work On Being Positive

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react.

How you respond to a situation is far more important than the incident itself. Besides, life will continue regardless of how you react. So why not make it positive? 

One way to do that is to fill yourself with gratitude. Make a list of things you’re grateful for and recite them every day.

Restrict your social media binge

It goes against our grain, and we can’t believe we’re saying this but limit your media intake. Socials and the news are a ticker tape of negative news. It can seriously damage your mood and mental health

When you feel that happening, get off the internet. Low energy conversations don’t do you any good. 

Follow positive accounts and creators.

When social media is your daily bread and butter, switching off is not an option. So, tailor your feed to more positive and fulsome content. 

  • Create a list on Twitter that includes only handles healthy for your mind. Let that be your de-facto feed. 
  • Block words, hashtags, accounts and phrases on Instagram that trigger you.
  • For every Voldemort on the internet, there is a Deadpool. Find accounts that make you squeal with laughter. Follow these wholesome, inspiring, heartening and reassuring handles.

Work on positive manifestation

Law of Manifestation or Law of Attraction says that your thoughts (or energy) can create a reality. 

No, it is not an attempt to defy the laws of physics. It’s based on it – what you are is what you attract.

So, when you have positive thoughts, you give out positive energy, and that attracts more positivity. The trick is to begin every morning by manifesting things you wish for. 

Ending 2020 On Positive Note

The darkest hour is before dawn. That’s how we decide to look at this past year – the good is finally coming. 

We made it through the 66.6 months of 2020. Yes, we may have gained a little lockdown weight because of all that baking and worshipped Hygieia a lot.

But we made it.

That’s the biggest positive of all! 

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