Ever woke up in the morning wondering, “Oh, my face is so sunkissed? The lighting is perfect, let me just click a picture.” Only to skip posting, because of the crummy background and missing aesthetics. It happens, right? Most of us don’t have an Instagram worthy corner in our homes.

Well, there are #thngs you shouldn’t be doing on Instagram, but maintaining aesthetic value of your profile and feed isn’t one of them.

No, we are not suggesting manic cleaning or splurging on interiors. But your followers expect to be greeted with creativity, beauty, and positivity in the feed. And one of the best ways to do that is by posting content with a decorated background.

So, if you are a creator, looking to spice up thngs, our recommendation is to transform one nook of your home into an Instagram worthy corner.

How to create the perfect Insta-worthy corner?

Before we dive into some fascinating decor ideas for you, let’s get 2 thngs straight. One, creating a corner in a home that is ever-ready to be clicked makes creating content for a new influencer really, really easy. Two, it makes your content look more professional and pleasing, luring in more brand collaborations.  

Now, on to some decorating ideas for Insta-worthy corners

1. Invest In Shelving 

“Shelfies”can make you big on Instagram. A neat collection of books, vases, old cd’s or any collection on shelves, immediately increases the aesthetic value of a picture.
insta worthy corner 1

Image Courtesy: Home Interior Designs.

2. Decorate with Lights

The whimsical nature of fairy lights will definitely sparkle your wall with new hope and insta game with new likes. Plus, there’s a feel good element and nostalgia (college hostels) to these lights. Pro-Tip: Add polaroid photos to the lights. 

instagram worthy corner for content creation

Image Courtesy: Etsy

3. Jar Up Things

Move over storing in packers or hiding items at home. Using glass jars for storage will add sophistication and glamour to a wall corner (and pictures).
Instagram worthy corner in the pantry

Image Courtesy: Etsy

4. Build a Coffee Bar

A lot can happen over coffee. We are talking about increased liking and following on instagram! Invest in building a small (but varied) coffee bar, which will initiate both offline-online conversations.

Image Courtesy: Walmart

5. Wall Up with Greens or Flowers

Green is certainly the happiest colour to have at home. It will inspire your followers to like you and follow you into building a sustainable future at home (trust us, it’s a win-win situation).

Image Courtesy: Wayfair

6. Swing-Swing

The best way to spend leisure time and revive childhood stories. Adding a swing to your room will add so much character to your room (and content).

Instagram worthy corner with a swing

Image Courtesy: Wabimoss

7. Paint Passion 

They say the world is your wall, paint it with your creativity. You can actually experiment with colours or graffiti on one particular wall to convert it into an Instagram worthy corner and make it stand out in pictures.

Image Courtesy: Love&Renowations

Go make your Instagram worthy corner now!

Follow these ideas for making an Insta-worthy corner and boom, your  following will surge immediately. All because it will add aesthetics to your content. For more ideas about content creation and creativity, follow DYT.