Are you starting your content creation journey on Instagram?

New to the game of engagement & likes?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To help you ace your creation strategy and gain prominence on instagram (that’s where you spend time anyway), we’ve created a list of essential tips. Check them down below:

Experiment & Innovate  

Consider your profile as your Dexter’s Laboratory. Be creative and try your hands at different styles and formants to eventually find out what’s engaging your audience. 

Source: insta Five Minute Journal

Draft an Interesting Story (ies)

Stories are fast & addictive. It places you at the top of your followers feed. Use this space to run polls, ask questions, post behind the scenes or simply engage your audience with aesthetic photos. Stories can be further saved as highlights (advantage).

Image source: insta airbnb

Pay Close Attention To Your Hashtags

Yes, you should be using hashtags in your post, but not at the behest of being irrelevant. Find the hashtags that match your content or intent and mix it up with popular and local (geo) tags. Having a correct hashtag strategy will definitely amplify your reach.

Image source: keyhole report

Talk to Your Followers 


To grow on instagram, you have to do much more than posting content. We suggest you engage with your audience by posting questions, or by replying to their comments (ignore negative ones though!). Give them a chance to get to know the real you!

Time Your Posting & Analyze Algorithm

Even in 2020, you need to analyze to find the optimal time of posting content (it’s no superstition). Only then your content will be really discovered. We suggest using online free apps to get detailed analysis  about your engagement. It’ll help your content hustle through insta algorithms.

Image credits: shopify blog

Hop on & Have fun with the trends

There’s no harm in making a reel on a viral song, or meme. It’ll only increase your likability and boost discoverability of your content. From top creators to beginners, everyone benefits from hopping on to trends (creatively). 

Mostly Sane on YashRa Mukhate’s Kya Karu Song

Define Your Voice- Make A Strategy!

A creative, loud, and consistent voice in your content will help you with recognition. It’s what the audience will know and love you for. Have fun creating content on instagram, but do it under the guidance of well defined strategy.

Image Source: Type Hype Berlin

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