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5 Travel Content Creators Building Up the Industry One Destination at A Time

A shout-out to a few travellers who are helping revive the travel industry after the pandemic! COVID-19 devastated the world, but no business was hit worse than travel. With borders closed, flights cancelled, and people stuck at home, the global travel industry came to a standstill. In May, Brian Chesky, co-founder of Airbnb, wrote that they had […]

  December 18, 2020

How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Stories

Even Google has stories now.  We’re not kidding. Check this out! So, suffice to say Story format is the clear winner in content. Every social platform out there uses it. And every content creator should also – especially if you want to up your game.  That’s why creators are now posting 3 times more on Stories than […]

  December 15, 2020

How To Fight Work From Home Blues: Lessons From Creators

Way back in March, when the lockdown was just imposed, our founder gave us tips on working from home. One of his advice was that for newbies, remote working is freeing.  It’s exciting because you can get up 15 minutes before the workday starts and still punch in on time. It’s exhilarating because no boss is […]

  December 15, 2020

Balancing A Side Hustle On Social Media With Your Traditional Job

We, as is our invariable custom, commenced Humpday with a conversation – in our minds (Wednesdays tend to make us wonky). The topic that got our underpants twisted was ‘how do creators straddle the thin line of full-time work with social media careers?’ They do it all, and they do it well.  When there are […]

  December 12, 2020

Your Year End Binge List!

Thanks to OTT platforms, 2020 was only bearable because we had amazing shows to binge while we pretended to work from home (come on, let’s admit it). There were innumerable new releases during quarantine, where popular shows like Mirzapur, Inside Edge, Sex Education, Hostages, etc. engaged us by releasing new seasons. But today, we won’t […]

  December 11, 2020

4 Effective Ways For Brands To Repurpose Creator Content

Today, it makes the most sense to have creators at the center of your marketing strategy. It is a definite way to guarantee a campaign’s success. Working with content creators adds authenticity and scalability to your campaigns as they generally have a huge follower base. Brands are realizing their potential and even micro creators can […]

  December 10, 2020

5 Content Ideas to Drive Holiday Engagement On Social Media

Between the Christmas fruit cake, eggnog and cookies, your plan for the holidays is to get stuffed on treats and merry spirit. But what about prepping your content calendar? Is it just as full of Christmas-themed ideas? The floodgates are already open. Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are bursting with recipes, outfits, travel plans and […]

  December 8, 2020

Aesthetically Challenged? Here’s How To Change Your Content Style!

Pretty images. That’s all I need to be an Instagram influencer, right? Right *panicked*? Unfortunately, no. If you want to reach the heights of Lilly Singh (shout out to the original creator Superwoman), you need: Great content  Great aesthetics Great community It’s the one stuck in the middle that we explore today. You know those […]

  December 7, 2020

Why Is Growth On Instagram A Big Dilemma?

From #nomakeup posts to #latenight_party posts, we all know what Instagram is for us.  It has now become Jai to the Veeru within us, winning hearts over Gabber’s (other social websites) and adding the charm of Basanti to all our relations. You don’t need to be another Sharukh Khan or Amitabh Bachan to become another […]


  December 5, 2020

6 Ways How Stories & Carousels Up Your Insta Game

Amid the cloud of uncertainty in today’s world, there’s one thing certain- Instagram is the best platform for creating content. It has established its dominance since the early days where it started as a personal photo book and come a long way to being one of the most content-rich social platforms. From Brands to celebrities […]

  December 4, 2020