If you could ask yourself one simple question all day long which would help you make better decisions, generate better outcomes, reduce your stress, increase your sense of fulfillment and improve your business and personal life, would you want to know what that one question was? I know I would.


Which is why this past Sunday, while sipping a cup of coffee, as I was thinking about you (and the rest of the Do Your Thng community) I kept thinking about the number one issue that most creators keep bringing up, “Why am I not getting brand collaborations and how can I change that?.”


Believe me, we wish we could select more of you, there are SO many talented creators who apply to campaigns on the Do Your Thng app. But it’s just not that easy. So here are few insights on why you are probably not getting campaigns and how you can change that. 


Let’s get started!


Engagement Rate


If you think that a brand just looks at the number of followers, Then you are living under a big rock that needs to be pushed!

ER is as important as the number of followers. Many times brands reject profiles with 100k+ followers also, just because they have a low ER. 


DYT Tip: Rather than increasing the number of followers, try improving your Engagement Rate.




Variety in the profile


Many times brands don’t pick a profile if they only make one kind of content. For example, if someone is only sharing pictures of food, and none of themselves, the profile looks impersonal. 


DYT Tip- Venture to different genres, making your profile versatile.




Video content 


If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video must equate to millions. At least, that’s what social media users are banking on. They’re said to be a more engaging medium than images and – in the race to capture attention in a busy social scene – it’s no wonder we’re seeing more of them.

A lot of campaigns are purely video-based, and if your profile has only static content then you are immediately eliminated.


DYT Tip – Try publishing video content. 


Engagement with the audience 

Brands look for the influencers whose opinions are respected, trusted. Without the trust component, any result will be superficial. If it’s just you putting up pictures with yourself, which is getting 5000 likes but 0 comments, then brands see that you are not having an interactive audience.


DYT Tip- Reply to people commenting, talk to your audience. Have live sessions, engage with them.






Most campaigns have strict budget constraints, which means we cannot select ALL the creators we love.


Now this is something, not you, nor DYT can change but keep your spirits high and participate in our next campaign. Because you know we are never out of those! Or you can also visit our Digest section which has loads of stories and articles to relieve you from COVID-19 tensity.


DYT Tip– Create highlights for the brand collabs you have already done, this can make a new brand feel like you are a professional with experience!