Nano and micro-influencers will grow as will video content. Those were our predictions for 2020. And despite the pandemic, they proved true. So true that the two influencer marketing trends show no sign of abating this year. But we predict we’ll see more trends that pave the creator road in 2021. Let’s unpack each of them.

1. Video remains the king, queen and kingdom

2021 will continue to see the rise of video formats. Investing in it is all but mandatory for creators and brands.

Why? It’s active content. Your followers actually engage with it instead of passively looking at a static image.  It’s authentic and less curated. Your followers feel more connected to it as if they are part of the action. 

Creator takeaway

The short video format will rule the year – Instagram Reels, Stories (LinkedIn & Instagram), Shorts and IGTV. That’s not to say longer videos on YouTube will be less popular. They’ll be as important. 

2. More and more creator tools.

Expect to see a whole slew of innovative tools that make it easier for creators to develop branded content. 

Why? The pandemic brought the world to a screeching halt, including the traditional ways to shoot ads. Creators, adept at working from home, were the only choice for brands. So, now platforms ensure that it’s easy “to create, share, and amplify branded content” for creators.

Creator takeaway

Start making use of these tools like the branded content tags on Reels and DYT. They help you monetize your content.

Always be on the lookout for more tools, like the new workflow of Branded Content ads on Instagram. It allows you to create ads for brands without posting it on your Instagram page first

3. Value-driven content takes the cake.

2020 made us say goodbye to highly edited feeds. Creators got ‘real’ with their community. We feel the influencer marketing trend will amplify further. 

Why? Followers want to see the genuine side of creators. When you create value-driven content that builds deeper connections, it gets you more likes, shares, comments, saves and followers. Brands are now becoming creator-first, not digital-first. For that, they need creators who publish authentic content bringing value to followers. 

Creator takeaway

Stop photoshopping every tiny blemish on your posts. Work on a no-edit edit look. Remember the no-makeup makeup craze? Think that but for Instagram. 

A tweak here, a change there is all you require. Besides minimalistic edits, show an honest side of your life. Silly memes, the not-so-glamorous BTS and candid Q&As depict a vulnerable side of you.

Showcasing the wins along with the struggles, makes you more relatable, which adds value to your community. 

4. E-Comm transforms to S-Comm.

We saw the beginnings of social commerce last year. Shoppable feeds, a direct shortcut to Shop menu and Instagram Checkout were some of the steps socials took to make shopping easier.

This year the trend will explode. While only a few creators and brands made use of shoppable posts in Twenty20, in 2021 most will embrace it.

Why? People are discovering more brands and products through social media. Switching to a website to purchase them takes effort. Since we are inherently lazy we’d rather shop directly from the social than be redirected to another link.

Creator takeaway

Creators can set up their own shop on Instagram and Facebook. Or if you’re collaborating with a brand, make your tags on any post shoppable. 

From Lives to Stories, make it simpler for your audience to discover your favourite brands and products through the shopping feature. 

A Final Influencer Marketing Trend of 2021 We Support

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have dominated influencer marketing trends for some time. But in 2021, we believe that other platforms will rise. Twitter and LinkedIn are already making moves to capture the market.

As creators, you should explore these platforms. After all, you may never know where you’ll find your tribe. Right?