We can spend ages talking, explaining, and expounding on how social media is meant for more things than mere selfies. But while we are lovers of words, we humbly accept that sometimes actions speak much, much louder. In that spirit, we give you examples of how social media platforms and Instagram influencers are using the space for collective good. 

4 Examples Of Using Social Media For Good

When it helped women stand against a world of abuse:

When it got people talking about a rare disease, ALS:


When a much-loved Indian politician handled it like a weapon to help those in need:

When ordinary citizens banded together to form an army to feed the poor:


How To Use Your Social Media Platform For Good

We know. Four is a measly number to show the positive impact of social media, but it’s a start. Each example we’ve chosen is to prove that all it takes to wield the power of social networks is you. Would you have ever thought that a politician, an Indian one to the boot, would use Twitter as her bat signal to save people? But the Sushma Swaraj did it and how. One tweet at a time, she helped individuals in dire need. 

If not only those with influence who can command the platforms for good. Look at RHA. A group of everyday Joes and Janes formed the Robin Hood Army to feed those in straitened circumstances, entirely through Facebook and Whatsapp. Using the social networks, they source meals from restaurants and donate them to the underprivileged.  

Thinking how can you use social media to do good? Here’s a list to get you started.

Spread The Word, Instead Of Inventing It

You don’t have to create a great cause to make the digital world positive. All it takes is talking about a problem you champion to your friends, family, and followers.

Compliment Someone

Give a shout-out to anyone you see doing good. Encourage them to carry on or simply praise a follower. You might just make their day.

Raise Awareness

Educate yourself on issues that are important and then inform others about it. A simple post with facts and figures speaks more loudly than anything else.

Give People A Laugh

Sometimes sharing something funny does more good than relentlessly posting about a social cause. 

Inspire People Through Stories

Follow accounts that share inspiring stories. A true tale of overcoming adversity encourages others to do better.

Don’t Be Rude

Goodness is not always about taking action. Sometimes being quiet is more effective. Don’t be rude or offensive on social media. If you can’t comment positively, then try to keep mum.

Unfriend, Block And Report

If you see an account spewing hate or abusing the precious power of social media. First, ask them to stop, politely. If that doesn’t work, unfriend, block, or report them. You’ll be making the space safer for others.

Think And Then Think Again

Before you post it, tweet it, send it or share it, think. Is the image, video, gif, story, etc. even the slightest bit offensive? Is it going to hurt someone? Does it come from a place of privilege? If yes, it is better not to post. 

Social Media Is A Tool, Wield It Wisely

When you spend so much time in the online world, it is easy to forget the good it can do. That is one part, DYT would heartily like to transform. We want to show the world that social media is the most powerful tool for change in our arsenal. With just 140 characters or an image, platforms like Twitter and Instagram can raise awareness like never before. Unlike other arenas, all it takes to open dialogue on social networks is a single post. 

Remember, a tool is just that, a means to an end. It is unbiased, impartial, and fair. How you wield it makes the outcome positive or negative. 

Still unsure of where to start?

Explore DYT, pick a cause you want to advocate and be vocal about it through your profile.