Influencer marketing gets bad rep. For no reason. So we’re here to bust myths about influencer marketing and get brands to embrace creator collaborations. 

Breaking open myths about influencer marketing

An influencer campaign is a golden opportunity for brands to raise awareness, initiate discussions, and spark conversations around their product/service. And if done well, to create real leads and sales. Yet, even the sound of influencer marketing makes managers scratch their heads. All because the niche is riddled with myths that make brands step back from working with creators. So, let’s clear the air, once and for all. 

Myth 1: Reach is testimony of a creators influence

A big creator with a million followers cannot deliver results like a macro one  who maintains a small but active following. The audience of such macro or niche creators can work wonders for your brands.

Myth 2: All creators are same

No two creators are the same, even when they share a similar voice or create content in matching formats. Focus on finding a creator who shares the same ideology & interests like your brand. Ditch ‘reach’ for ‘relevancy’ before narrowing down on a creator for a campaign.

Myth 3: Creators are Freelancers

Creators are your partners. They have faith in your product and are collaborating to amplify your message creatively & naturally. Don’t treat them like regular employees and make the work process more interesting (than controlling).

Myth 4: You need Diamonds to enable influencer marketing

After a million experiments and sheer hard work, a creator wins an audience. They have built a brand of their own and big influencers may charge similar to celebrities but it’s still cheaper to work with most influencers (trust us).

Myth 5: Influencer marketing works only on social media

Using a creator’s face and voice in other marketing channels drives better results for a brand. Influencers are best at creating natural content and their familiarity with the audience delivers results similar to working with a celebrity.

Myth 6: More the influencers, merrier the impact

Numbers do not guarantee numbers (ROI) in influencer marketing. You need to have relevant creators advocating for your brand to achieve impactful results.

Final verdict on myths about influencer marketing

Do not think twice before investing in influencer marketing. 

That said, research well before working collaborating with any creator. The success of a campaign hinges on it. And if you’re unsure about your creator discovery or need help with influencer marketing campaign management, try DYT.