Even before the inception of social media, brands were trying to trigger an emotional response from the consumers. They have been curating their communication by roping in celebrities for better reach and connect. The process resulted in a winning situation for them where audiences started advocating for the product for celebrity i.e- Sachin Tendulkar & Boost.

But enter 2021,  where audiences feel spammed with celebrities singing praises about a product. The missing “trust factor” has paved the way for a powerful & rapidly growing form of advertising- influencer marketing.

Here, brands create a message in collaboration with individual creators, who have built a stronger connection with their audiences. Earlier, we rolled out influencer marketing trends 2021, and now we’re sharing a list of things for creators to watch out in 2021 (to ensure growth).

1- Be Ready for Mixed Content + Social Media + Influencer Marketing

Gone are the days when creators were roped in just for a specific campaign or to launch a product. Nowadays, brands have released their significance and are mixing their content creation and paid promotion with influencer marketing.

2- Go Local

From the age of 5 to 60, everyone’s on social media and their demographics differ. Demand for local content (especially in lifestyle & entertainment) has surged significantly in 2021, and it’s about time you create regional content.

3-Develop and maintain a Unique Personality

Understand that there’s a surge of platforms and creators. You need to stand out to gain a following and it’s possible only when you offer something unique, in the form of content & personality.

4- Long term influencer relationship will become a norm

Choose a brand carefully, as it won’t be just about a post or video anymore. Influencer marketing is now a long term process, so collaborate only with the brands/products/services you believe in. 


5-Instagram will become the tool of choice for most firms

And that’s where you should be creating content. We understand that you’re a star on a particular platform, but without a strong Instagram presence, brands won’t invest in your talent.

6-Performance Based Influencer Marketing Wil Rule 2021

This means, brands will prefer micro or niche creators with small but strong following than large influencers. It’s time to be relevant, creative, and focus on engagement.

Everything said, 2021 is the best time to start your creation journey. People are spending more time on social media, and chances of finding audiences is limitless today.

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