The ultimate status quo for any creator is to earn a ‘verified’ badge on social media. From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Tinder (yes, check it out), every platform rewards a tiny tick mark that holds the key to ultimate dominance.

But sadly, you don’t win it easy.

Especially, on a platform like Instagram, which has laid out certain best practices and rewards verification marks on a case to case basis. By definition, a verification badge is awarded to a public figure, celebrity or a global brand, and it appears on the right side of their Instagram account name.

Screenshot source: Instagram

Apart from an opportunity to flaunt your following, the badge builds trust and ensures users that they are following the right (authentic) personality. The process of earning the badge is pretty simple, you have to fill a form and wait for the moderators to review your request with a yes or no (you can apply again in 30 days after denial). But, earning it is equally tough.


1) Beware of Scammers

You can’t buy the badge. Do not fall prey to anyone approaching you with a claim to get verified. One can get verified only after meeting all the prerequisites of the verification form.

2) Increase Search Around Your Name

As soon as people start searching your name, or you get recognition on different platforms, the chances of getting a badge will increase. 

3) Apply When You’re In News

Has your content gone viral? Or, the big publications are covering a story about you. That would be a perfect time to fill an application to get a verification badge. 

4) Create Exciting Content

Goes without saying, revise your strategy to increase following on instagram. Invest in reels. Although the prerequisite to get verification is an optimized profile and 1 post, we suggest to increase the quality & quantity of posting. 

5) Earn Real Followers

Trust the process and do not buy followers. It’ll reduce your chances of getting verified.

Additionally, you can take the help of an agency who can help you with the process and in planning your Instagram strategy. To know more about content creation or connect with creators, follow DYT.