4 Tips On How To Create Great Content!

4 Tips On How To Create Great Content!

  January 20, 2021



  January 20, 2021


How to Create Great Content?

As people who eat, sleep and breathe creators, we can exhaust a Yottabyte worth of memory on how to create great content. But it is always better to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. 

That’s why we spoke to some of our favourite content creators and asked them. Of the many content creation tips we got, these were the top five!


  • Invest in equipment when you can. Till then use a camera phone.


Creators who’ve made their mark on digital platforms utilise tons of equipment. Some of the most popular are:

  • Canon G7x ii
  • GoPro Hero 5
  • DJI Spark
  • Sony A6500 
  • Sigma 16mm lens
  • Sony 18-105mm lens

Then there are tripods and mics to support these cameras and lenses. But creating great content doesn’t need expensive equipment. Current smartphones come with great technology. From focus to zoom to edits, you can do everything with a top-grade Android or iPhone. 

The tip

Begin with the phone or camera you have in hand and then invest in a better one when you can. If you are using a Smartphone, avoid using the IG camera. Use the phone’s camera instead. 

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  • Follow the basic rule of content creation – focus.


The surest way to get rejected for a brand collaboration is sending content that’s out of focus. The camera of your phone has an autofocus setting. It keeps the foreground in focus. Most times, the subject of your content is not in it. So, before you start clicking pictures, check the focus setting. 

The tip

Keep the focus on manual. Tap the screen exactly where your subject is to make it the centre of attention and get a sharp picture. If the image still feels blurry, try cleaning the lens. 

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  • Always find natural light and keep away from flash. 


Shooting great content requires natural light. It will always one up flash and artificial lighting. So, when producing content for your social media set up in a place where sunlight streams in.

For the clearest and crispest photos, use a table right next to a window where the curtains are pulled back.

The tip

Natural light is not limited to the bright sun. Stormy weather and soft light like sunset and sunrise work equally well—experiment by shooting your content at different times of the day. 

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  • Pick the size of your posts carefully.


There was a time when creating content for IG meant sticking to the square size. Thankfully, creators are not limited to it anymore. You can choose between horizontal and vertical posts, but remember to pick the right size for the right format.

For instance, if you want great content for IGTV and Reels use vertical sizes. On the other hand, horizontal is the best choice for image posts. 

The tip

Always check if your post is getting cropped in the feed. This happens because most of them are displayed as a square. 

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  • Edit, edit and edit before you hit publish.


Editing is pivotal to all content. With the right tools, you can sharpen colours, add intriguing textures and even highlight some elements in the image. Therefore, the last tip to creating content that pops is post-production editing. 

The tip

The default filters and editing features on Instagram are an excellent starting point. But if you want more professional looking content, get familiar with:

  • VSCO
  • Snapseed
  • Foodie

For video editing, iMovie, Lightworks and Shotcut are good options.

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That’s it, folks! Those were the 5 tips for influencers on how to make great content. Now go forth and get creating. 


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