Take the example of any cult brand- their values & identity are deep-rooted in their customers. It’s a result of the value they have created over the years that has helped to transform users into advocates.

And that’s the secret mantra for growing your brand in 2021- recognize & nurture brand advocacy.


Anyone who contributes online/offline to elevate your following is a brand advocate.

Their types:

CUSTOMERS: The ones who take out time to write long detailed reviews (both positive & negative). They bring authenticity and help to build trust around your brand.

EMPLOYEES: We live in the 21st century where employees are like family. They spend the better part of their lives in growing a brand because they share unflinching faith in the product/service.

PARTNERS: Any individual or organizations associated with your brand, who share absolute confidence with your offerings.

INFLUENCERS: Undoubtedly, the most effective form of advocacy can be carried out by influencers who have a large following. But the best ones are those who believe in you, even before collaboration. The ones who are there to solve similar problems,e.g. a fitness blogger for a protein supplement.

Advocacy is the organic boost that every brand dreams of. One example could be the increased following of secure messaging app SIGNAL. As soon as the  business magnate Elon Musk tweeted about it, the app got a disruptive response. So much so that their fan made ad went viral.

Source: Elon Musk Twitter


Strengthens Brand Value: When your customers start recommending your product/services to their peers, it creates a strong value for your brand.

Increases Organic Reach: With little or no investment, your online reach and following starts surging with an increase in positive word of mouth.

Garner Media Attention: Big publications often cover responses of customers around the brand. They share the tweets or trends around brands and it helps to land extra eyeballs on your product.

Creates Long Term Value: Advocacy develops trust and is the best thing to happen in a brand-customer relationship. It also opens the window for increasing your portfolio by introducing new products/services, which can be easily scaled with the help of existing following.


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