We are a creator-first platform. That’s a glorified way of saying you are in full control. Always. 

Once you download the DYT app, you can pick any brand campaign you love, create content the way you want, and earn from it after you hit post. 

But, we bet, you already knew this? What we want to talk to you about here is the advantages creators and, therefore, brands, get by collaborating with DYT. 


  • You get to create and earn, irrespective of follower size.


We democratise influence. It doesn’t matter if you have 1.1M followers or just 1.1k followers. All creators are equal in our eyes. 

(Umm, sorry, that’s not true. We’re partial to nano and micro-influencers because they’re the ones who need the boost and give maximum benefits to brands.)

That said, what matters is your content. As long as it is top-notch and reflects who you are, you can earn through our brand campaigns. 

Focus on the quality of your content, not the number of followers, and you will have the opportunity to work with brands like Nescafe, Havells and more.


  • You can create content for multiple social platforms.


You have the advantage of deciding how often to create content, which brands to work with and on how many social media platforms to leverage.

Because you can connect your DYT account with Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, you can create for each platform (and earn separately from each).

How? We allow you to participate in different campaigns on different social media at the same time. The more brands you submit to, the higher your reward. At times, you can double or triple it.

For instance, you decide to participate in an Instagram collaboration and a Twitter campaign simultaneously. You can submit content for both and get paid for both based on your DYT score, if approved. 


  • You have creative control, as long as you follow the do’s and don’ts.


All brand campaigns on DYT have some do’s and don’ts. But they are basic guidelines on content creation. Barring the brief, you are in the driver’s seat. 

As the creative director of your content, you can let your creativity soar and be experimentative. This is not only beneficial to creators, who get to think outside the box and not be bound by restrictive brand rules, but also to brands. 

When brands make creators real partners in an influencer marketing campaign, the content is honest and authentic to which followers respond. When creators are used as mere marketing tools and not partners, the campaign has no sincerity and therefore falls flat.


  • You get to focus on the content; we do the heavy lifting. 


Getting brand collaboration is not easy. You have to pitch to hundreds of brands to land one. And when you do, it takes a lot of time and effort to negotiate deliverables and payments. 

When you collaborate with DYT for campaigns, you don’t have to worry about a single thing and constantly stress over payments. We do the hard work for you, leaving you free to generate kicka$$ content.

It puts brands at an advantage too. We monitor all communication and content. That means the creator doesn’t drag out the process and quickly delivers content that’s safe to use.


  • You work with brands you believe in, so get more collabs.


DYT works with brand advocates and not just influencers. What’s the diff? Brand advocates already use it or aspire to because they love the brand. When creators generate content for brands they genuinely believe in, the authenticity shines through.

It builds trust with followers and creates a loyal community, something every creator needs, and every brand wants a piece of!


  • You create custom content and get bragging rights to it.


Brand campaigns are not the only content you can submit with DYT. You can also work on custom content.

Custom content is original content that you generate exclusively for a brand. You share the content with the brand, and if they like it, they buy it. 

What’s the benefit? You can choose to quote the price you think is worthy of the content and get paid 100% of it. You set the price, not the brand, something rarely possible for small creators.

What’s the advantage for brands? They get the rights to the content and become its owner. The creator cannot share or reuse the content. Only the brand can and in any way they deem fit.  

Those Were The 6 Benefits of Collaborating With DYT

We began DYT with one goal – to make it easier for creators to do what they love. So, it’s in our very DNA to give creators more control over content creation and make the process as effortless as possible. 

From getting a brand collaboration to seeing those ₹₹₹ in your wallet, every step of the way is optimised to your advantage. It’s up to you to make the most of it. All we want is to see more of that awesome content