Even when we know about the 80-20 process to grow on Instagram, it’s almost impossible to scale your page without battling the likes of Insta. Algorithm


Yes, we’re talking about reasons why creators scratch their heads, wondering about the favorability of their content on the platform. It’s crucial to remove the confusion in order to result in better engagement and therefore, we bring exclusive tips that’ll help you tackle Instagram Algorithms.

But first- how does the algorithm work for feed  page content?

You Insta feed comprises posts from your friends, family, and based on content or accounts you have liked historically. It assesses your behaviors and shows content to your audience accordingly. The key factors that affect feed pages are- interest, relationship, timeliness, frequency, following, and usage.

To ensure maximum reach for your content, we suggest you remain consistent in posting on feed. 

And, what about the explore page content?

When you click explore, you see a sea of posts in the from of new content, which are pushed according to your likes, or trending. Almost one third of the explore portion is dedicated to video content, and we suggest you invest in posting videos to boost discoverability.

Finally, igtv, videos, and reels!

Instagram has a machine learning model, which decides what you may or may not like in the reels tab. We suggest you share reels and igtv on your main feed, including as many possible hashtags (but relevant) to gain reach.

Tips to Rank Better

1) Be an early adopter of its latest features: Algorithms are bound to favor your profile/content if you create using new features/filters or formats. Following the trends will give an extra edge to your discoverability. 

2) Simplify & encourage interactions with stickers: Although quotes are gaining popularity on the platform, users prefer visuals over words on Instagram. Create your content using polls and stickers to promote interactions. 

3) Draft your hashtag strategy: Hashtags are the tools to organically boost your reach and following. Optimizing hashtags according to the content/profile will make Insta automatically suggest your content to a larger audience, thus increasing the views. 

4) Invest in Cross Promotion: Share a preview of your igtv or direct your users to feed posts by uploading it in stories. You can also boutique your content in highlights.  

5) Adapt According to Analytics: Experimentation is the most crucial aspect to gain Insta Following. Adapt your strategy according to the audience interactions, which is available with analytics features in business accounts.

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