If you want to talk about the real power of an influencer, peeps, we don’t think there is one better than Saint Valentine.

Or is there?

Some believe the origins of the day are dark and bloody (the linked article gives an excellent and short TBT).

We don’t care how it began. We just know it is the day (rather week) to bust out wine, candles, chocolates, flowers and oh, jewellery to show your other half some love.

For creators, it is the perfect time to brainstorm unique, evocative content that brings a few tears and a lot of laughter.  So, here are some Valentine’s day content ideas for your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, yadda, yadda.

But, first, get the elements right.

Content-focused on a special occasion is not enough to get your engagement up (read likes, shares, and comments). You need to have the right elements.

  • Use the correct social platform.

For creators who have a significant following from Gen Z or younger Millennials, stick to creating visual content on Instagram. For creators, who tap into a generation above these, a blog or long-ish Facebook post on gift or date guides are best.

  •  Keep true to your tone.

If you talk about empowering single women, don’t push content that talks about couples. That is not sticking to your brand tone. Instead, generate content around self-love.

  • Be true to your followers.

If you are an influencer in the gaming world, an Instagram post of hearts and cakes will not appeal to your followers. Create one that is true to the interest of your followers. Take a cue from PlayStation.

  • Playstation Hashtags are your friends.

We’ve spoken about hashtags a gazillion times. They really put you on the map. On Valentine’s, create a unique hashtag of your own (besides using the popular ones) and then ask your followers to use your hashtag in their Valentine’s Day posts.

What Content to Create For Valentine’s Day?

Now onto the slightly more important part of the post: content ideas for Valentine’s Day!

1. The Obvious Gift Guides:

Valentine’s means gifts, which means ideas dry up as the years rack up. Create guides that help your followers struggling to figure out what to give their loved ones.

If you’re collab’ing with a relevant brand, now would be a great time to promote it.  And oh, don’t offer on-the-nose ideas. Remember different people, different strokes. As long as the gift is good, any idea has merit.

2. The Much-Needed Date Ideas:

It’s Valentine’s Day and date night has to be more than flowers and dinner. Everyone knows it. Yet not everyone has creative ideas to turn it into reality. Brainstorm content that helps your followers make the date night special and exciting.

For example,

An influencer who advocates love for animals can talk about taking the pet along for dinner. After all, there is no purer love than between parents and their fur-kid!

3. Singledom Content:

Who says the day for love has to be celebrated only by those who order everything x2?

Galentine Day is real people. Yes, it is on 13th Feb. But go ahead and break the rules and include 14th too. Show your single girlfriends how to celebrate love for each other through your Galentine content.

4. The Video Content:

Celebrating something that gives meaning to life, that’s what Valentine’s is about (or so people say, we are in it for the chocolates). How do you rejoice something that has such import? You create memorable moments.

And that’s where creators come in. Make advice videos for your followers on how to make the day unforgettable.

For example,

A food blogger can show how to make a cosy, romantic dinner or even a simple recipe. FYI food is a biggish part of Valentine’s, so make full use of the day.

5. The Stories Content:

The art of a content creator lies in great storytelling, and there is no better topic for it than Valentine’s. Use the Instagram Stories section to:

  • Tell a humorous tale of how you fell in love with your Thng. By that, we mean, your niche.
  • Share a touching love story of people you know (if they’re your followers all the better, but ask permission before sharing).
  • Make a list of all the things that make you love your followers. (This is a fantastic way to increase engagement)

6. The Fun Stuff:

You don’t necessarily have to add value with your Valentine’s Day content. It could be something amusing to share. Take a leaf out of Penguin India’s book!

Penguin India
Ask followers to share a hilarious Valentine’s Day story on Twitter or images on Instagram showing disaster results of DIY gifts for the day!

Over To You On Valentine’s Day Content Ideas

From giveaways that help followers ‘feel the love’ to makeup tutorials for date night, we can go on and on about how to create content perfect for Valentine’s.

But the day is a quintessential chance to loosen up and show your witty side, and we’d love to see what you are making.

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