What does every creator ask themselves – How to create good content?

That’s the holy grail. It’s what gets you more followers, likes, comments, shares and saves. And once you have those, you bag more brand campaigns. 

Our answer to the question “how do I make great content” is always the same. 

Participate in more DYT campaigns.


Because when practice makes a man perfect. And because we handhold creators through the entire process to change your content style for good. 

We give you samples for reference. 

As a fellow creator once said – “copy, but do it with credits. It’s called being inspired.”

While we never endorse cut, copy and paste content. We know that looking at content and photos from others can spark your creativity.

That’s why with every DYT campaign we attach samples of kickass pictures. You can use those images to create a rough framework for your content. 

We give you a thorough guideline. 

Every DYT campaign comes with a pretty decent list of Do’s and Don’ts. Consider them as a guide to changing your content style for good. 

For instance, for the DaMENSCH campaign, we offered this classic tip – use a plain T shirt in the content. 

Why? Because solid shits make the product pop in the photo. It is the brand that catches the eye.

Some other rules of thumb, we tell you to follow for great content is avoiding too much editing. The time for highly filtered and curated content is gone. Followers now want more real content.

From using complementary colours to pronouncing brand rights, we help you with every little thing. All to make you better content creators. 

We empower you to work with big brands.

As they say, on-the-job training is the best way to learn. We know this as a fact. Over the past few years, we’ve seen how creators mature in the content style after working with big brands, 

“DYT made me a better flat lay creator by providing me a platform to style and create for big and well-known brands.” – Aria (pseudoblogger)

(PC: pseudoblogger)

“I’m Sahil, and I’m a product photographer. DYT helped create content for big brands such as Oreo, Nescafe, Himalaya, etc. The campaigns helped me grow as a creator.” – Sahil (clicked.by.sss)

(PC: clicked.by.sss)

We get you feedback from brands.

DYT has a whole section of Custom Content. What’s that? It’s content that you can sell to any brand. And once sold, the brand has perpetual rights on it. They can use it anyway they want. 

How does it help change your content style? When you submit custom content through the DYT App, the brand has two options. Buy it or not. 

In both cases, we ask the brand to reveal the reasons your content was chosen or not. This feedback is crucial for creators. It tells you what more you can do in your content or where you need to dial it down to improve. 

Not just campaigns, the whole DYT app changes your content style for the better.

We know getting brand collaboration is not easy. It takes a lot of effort and time – something creators can rarely afford. 

That’s why we build DYT. We do the heavy lifting of finding a brand campaign for you, negotiating deliverables and payments. You are free to focus on content and make it better. 

The entire app has one goal to help you be good content creators. To that end, we take little and big steps. 

Bad at writing captions? We give you samples you can use with each DYT campaign. 

Want tips and tricks on creating great content? We have a whole Digest Section for it. Here are some of the insights we share on it:

So go change your content style forever. Download the DYT app and pick any brand campaign you love!