How do I increase reachHow do I up my engagementHow do I raise visibility?

All these are questions a creator asks, at some point. Thankfully, social media is constantly evolving, which means you can use trends before they get hot to gain a competitive advantage. 

For instance, creators who began creating content on Instagram Reels right when it was launched reached more followers than those who adopted it later. 

With this in mind, we give you social media trends of 2021 that any creator can capitalise on to gain more followers, double taps, saves and shares.


  • Use social for good. 


We spoke about using social media for good, long before it became hip in 2020. But we are thankful that the pandemic forced people to shift the way they utilised social platforms once and for all.

Social are now all about using it as a loudspeaker to talk about issues. From climate change to political injustices to supporting minorities, if you want to create content that reaches more people, be vocal about topics that have long been suppressed or silenced and you’ll rise like a phoenix from its ashes.


  • Build trust within the community.


Building trust and evoking empathy is the next big trend of 2021. Followers and audiences don’t want you to sell to them. They want you to spark conversations and create a real connection. 

So, instead of using your content to shout a brand message at them, make content that is true to you. Trust us, when creators are real, they gain more eyeballs. 


  • Experiment with microcontent.


They say people have short attention spans. They don’t. People will binge 12 hours of a show they love. They will watch one Reel after the other. 

The issue is short consideration spans, meaning you have to hook them in quickly. That’s where microcontent steps in. 

These bite-sized content on Reels, TikTok or Snapchat Spotlight are engaging. They capture the attention of people because they have an entertainment factor and are easy to digest. 

In 2021, this trend of microcontent will keep rising. Every creator must adapt to this new content format if you want to captivate your audience. 

One example is snackable GIFs. This visually rich format conveys the essence of your message while being impactful. Think of them as a meme for videos. 


  • Podcasts will gain popularity.


If the prominence Clubhouse has gained recently is any indication, it means audio content is one the verge of explosion. Podcasts were already popular, given that even royals were doing it

In the coming year, they’ll be exponentially so. And here we include all audio formats, not merely podcasts. Expect audio content to flood social platforms, be it something as mainstream as Instagram or something as fringe as Spotify. 


  • Text-heavy content is back.


For a long time, it was images or videos that made a splash across social media. Then long captions became a thing. In 2021, it is text messages that will bloom. Creators are now posting a written message on their feeds instead of penning long captions accompanied with a photo. 

Creators who want to dive into this new content type, remember three rules. Make it readable. Make it digestible. And make it shareable. 


  • Social commerce is here to stay.


When it comes to interacting with brands, the first choice is a social channel. People use social media for all of it: from discovering a new brand to getting more information on a product, from shopping to connecting with customer care.

As a creator, you can leverage this trend to talk about brands you love or add shoppable posts to your feed. Your audience will adore you for making it easier and convenient for them. 

We leave you with one last trend. As much social media has made the world smaller, particularly in a year where physical distance was necessary; it has made misinformation common. 

As a creator, who can spread the wrong information to a large audience, it is your duty to identify if what you are sharing or promoting is indeed true. Don’t fall victim to misinformation. Inform yourself and then amplify it through your content!