When we started off, the only thng that we didn’t want to be was any other agency. Hence as a creator first community, our creators always come first. Period. We’ve had the pleasure to work with some incredibly talented DYT influencers, creators who work tirelessly to help others, creators who made it just at 16 and so many more. 

This time we had a discussion with one of the few people who worked with DYT right from the start, who went from 2k to 15k followers in less than a year, our go-to creator for any Fashion campaign – Simran Anand.

How did you start off your journey as a creator? 

 Simran didn’t know anything about content creation when she started it. She was just a girl who loved dressing up every day and this used to be her only motivation to go to work.

But then she started clicking pictures of her outfits every day and when she posted that on Instagram, she got a lot of appreciation for her style and outfits, which further motivated her to click her outfit pictures every day!

How did you find out about DYT?

Her first-ever campaign was with DYT. She was a stylist in another company, but fortunately both our teams used to work in the same co-working space and that’s how she got to know about us. She was very confused about what exactly DYT does and as inquisitive as she is, she then had a long conversation with Ankit (our founder) one day to understand what exactly is content creation and how can we monetise from it.

What campaigns have you done as a DYT influencer?

She has done a lot of campaigns with DYT for brands like Havells, Whirlpool , MFine, Zee5, Max Bupa, Charmis, OnePlus, and a few internal creative campaigns.

How has DYT helped you improve your content and be a better influencer?

With constant and constructive feedback from the clients, she was able to make her content super aesthetic and appealable to her audience. Apart from being a creator, being an employee at DYT really helped me grow as a content creator since she got to know about what exactly does a brand need to get maximum engagement adhering to the deadlines.

How has DYT helped you get more brand collaborations? 

Creating content for brands and delivering them on the given deadline has always been her priority, no matter how small or big the brand was. This really helped her create a good rapport with the DYT team, which further resulted in more collaborations from us. 

What are two thngs you learned in your journey as a DYT influencer? 

She feels, work ethics take us a long way and one should maintain that professionalism especially when you are a creator to have that fuss-free experience for both the parties involved. 

Another is, no matter how many followers you have, your content should be very engaging and relatable which will eventually fetch you a lot of followers. Your numbers do not define you or your creativity!

Her take from becoming a DYT influencer

Only your content can bring you more followers and brand collaborations. Also, with some great work ethics, you can surely be a bigger creator who is known for the content, both by the brands and your audience.