We could exhaust an ocean of ink by quoting powerful words today. But we won’t. 

As part of a creator-community that predominantly identifies as female, we know that women rule the world. And they do it while wearing heels (or not) and carrying a child in their arms (or not).

What we will do is bow down to six female creators who are killing it on Instagram. They inspire by keeping their content ?.

Harman Sindhu

Or, as you may better know, her harman_fitness_mommy.

We’ve fangirled on Harman before, and we do it again. One of the rare postpartum fitness content creators, Harman is awe-inspiring. 

If you’ve ever thought about getting fitter (especially after gaining your Mom crown), she is the creator to follow.

Anupriya Kapur

Or, as some may know her as, the founder of Imbue Natural.

Like Harman, when it comes to keeping our bodies lean, clean and healthy, we double-tap on Anupriya. 

But she is so much more than a fitness influencer. She is the single mom who proves that you can be happy with your choices. You don’t have to fit into the rigid box society has created for women to thrive. 


Roshni Bhatia

Or as we recognise her thechiquefactor.

Roshni is a magician when it comes to fashion and not just Instagrammable fashion but wearable fashion. And she does it while being her genuine and hilarious self.

But that’s not why we worship at her altar. We do it because she is single-handedly making Indian wear cool and we love it!


Kriti Dhir

When we started Formal Gossip, a weekly chat hosted by our Founder during the lockdown, our very first guest was Kriti Dhir.

The travel and lifestyle creator went from 2000 followers to 100,000 in 8 short months. Yes, all organically, and she did it while working her full-time job as a management consultant. 

Her community is now 170K strong. What’s Kriti’s secret? Being real. All her content is true to her, and that’s how she won our admiration.


Swagata Dev

Swagata, who has had the honour of being featured on Humans of Bombay, is another creator we love at DYT. 

We invited her to an AMA session, and it turned out to be a font of information for creators not living in a metropolitan. She creates content from a small town in Guwahati. While it was not her first preference, it did give her first-movers advantage. 

If you’re into relatable fashion, travel and lifestyle, go tap that follow button on her profile. 


Ahana Mehta Mehrotra

Ahana is a mom-creator. A mother of two, she blogs about pregnancy and motherhood. We give her a hat-tip because she tackles the brass tacks of the niche.

Ahana is barely 3 years old in creator terms, yet she has collaborated with some of the biggest brands because she keeps her content authentic. She doesn’t shy away from using her voice for postpartum depression, breastfeeding, PCOS pregnancy and more.

To every woman out there, trying to make her mark as a creator, we salute you. Not just for your hard work, perseverance and determination, but for the laughs, the smiles and the feeling of finally being seen.

A Happy Women’s Day!