If your dream is to become a successful content creator or social media influencer, then you must have a media kit. Content creators and influencers who have a media kit will be able to showcase their work and expertise to brands. 

In addition to that, having a media kit will make you look professional along with helping you build credibility. A unique and creative media kit can do wonders for content creators and influencers. For instance, such a media kit can leave a lasting impression on most brands. 

In some cases, your media kit might be the thing that plays an integral role in deciding whether you get the contract or not. 

7 thngs brands would love to see in your media kit

An About Me section 

You will need to start with an introductory section, where you explain what you do and who you are. You can talk about what makes you different from other influencers or creators in the about me section.

Size Of Your Audience 

Most brands will surely request you to share some information about your audience or followers. They may ask you how many followers you have, the location of your audience, and more. So, it is best to provide such information in your media kit. 

Audience Demographics 

Just like audience size, brands will also be interested to know about audience demographics. To make things simple for brands, you can share info on the age range of your followers, what they do, what their interests are, and more. 


You can say and claim what you want, but in the end, most businesses will want to see data that supports your claims. This is why it is important to include data from social media channels or blogs in the media kit. 

Engagement Ratios 

Engagement ratios allow brands to understand the connection between an influencer’s audience demographics and audience size. Most brands are on the lookout for influencers whose followers or audiences respond well to their posts. 

Brand Mentions 

You will be surely mentioning at least a few brands in your posts. So, share information on what brands you like or what brands you talk about because it will help other brands to decide whether you are a fit for them or not. 

Previous Campaigns 

It is important to talk about previous and successful campaigns. You must also consider posting the results of campaigns because it will make it easier for brands to get a better idea of your work and skills. 

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