All of us are more or less aware that Instagram isn’t a platform to depict the most accurate account of our lives. As a new creator you have certain expectations which we will be debunking today.


That perfect exclusive spot









Influencers believe in exclusivity but it’s difficult to find such a place. You expect going to one but all you find is a crowd. 


Money, Money everywhere!

You expect getting loads of money from brand collaborations but all you get is barter. Well, the case is different if you use the DYT app!

That looks easy!

Trust me, all those “That looks easy” poses are not that easy. Sometimes it’s scary and the other times it isn’t worth posting.

Summer holidays: Expectation vs. Reality.










These shots perfectly encapsulate the expectations and realities of summer vacations. Expectations: Perfect tan, calm, relaxed, soaking up the summer vibes. Realities: Still pale despite sitting in the sweaty sun all afternoon, hungover and a bit bored.

Which way is the wind blowing?

Influencers might want you to believe the world is not a cold and windy place, they might even like you to believe there is never a grey cloud or a gust of wind during the summer months. In this shot, Meijer proves that Influencer photos are also victims of wind. Getting the perfect summer-still shot requires multiple goes.


 Now, don’t you feel better? Or do you feel worse? Maybe you don’t feel anything. That’s alright too.