Personality with a dash of quirkiness- that’s what everyone’s hoping to have in Social Media- to capture the audience, to make them laugh- all the while delivering the information in crisp and clear ways. 

This might sound tough but there is one man who can do it all- Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)!

His social media is something of a trailblazer. There is so much information and noise coming from social media every second of the day, especially in this COVID-19 era when everyone has turned their heads to social media marketing  to promote their products amongst the masses. In this chaotic world of constant information, advertising and well, mockery – the content on Ryan Reynold’s social media is something that sticks with us even after miles of scrolling. 


Carefully curated promotional content disguised as something completely different with just a touch of sarcasm, a little bit of humor and dollop of good looks – that would sum up his content (or at least I hope it does). 


Now that we’ve established that Reynolds is simply abso-frickin-lutely funny, making him one of the most powerful social media influencers we see today- let’s really understand what we can learn from his social media strategy. 

Relatability is the source of a never ending audience.

Yes, we know Reynolds is a world-class celebrity with two amazing business ventures, a great acting career and let’s not forget that he has a Goddess for a wife and yet his content is relatable to almost everyone viewing his content. The funny anecdotes he tweets, a simple line he uses in his videos make us see him as one of us, i.e relate to him. 


Positive audience experience is always an added advantage 

Making a hot cup of coffee, cozying up on the couch and scrolling through Reynold’s Instagram is a pretty competitive equivalent to Netflix and Chillin’. What’s even more entertaining is going through his comments and retweets. Reynold engages with his audience and his audience genuinely goes to him for advice for which he always has something funny to say! 

Imagine getting retweeted or getting a reply from a celebrity – makes me jump and scream with joy! 

Focus on friends 

Well, I don’t have to put it down in writing but we all know Reynold’s social media often features his friend Hugh Jackman. It’s nice to have each other’s back in this crazy industry and this bromance proves this. Giving constant shoutouts to each other’s products is a nice way to spread across each other’s fan base.


We could go on and on about how great Ryan Reynold’s Social Media is, but just like his content we’d like to keep it short, sweet and to the point. 😉