What’s the one thing we’ve harped on since day 1? Create. Authentic. Content. 

We’ve spoken about here, here and here. And that’s just the start. 

What we haven’t spoken about enough is how creators can create authentic content? So, that’s what we help you with today. 

A quick clarification before we dive into tips to create authentic content. When we say content, we mean the sponsored or branded content that you make for a collaboration. When we say authentic, we mean it is true to your personality, style and tone. 

So, what is authentic content?

It is sponsored content that uses the same voice, same style and the same persona as your organic content. A perfect example is Srishti Dixit using her Pappu character for her collaboration with Pizza Hut. 

Watch it here!

3 Tips for influencers to create authentic content

There are two rules of authenticity that you should follow always: 

  1. You can be your real self and relatable without giving away all your secrets or sharing too much information. 
  2. Keep your community, your audience first, and authentic content will flow automatically. 

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the tips. 

Collaborate with brands that match your interest

When searching for brand collaborations, focus on finding companies that you have a legitimate interest in.

E.g., if you’ve always wanted to wear more sustainable clothes, look for brands that use eco-friendly processes or material. If you’re interested in photography, then search for collaboration with camera brands. 

You can add two more filters to make your content more authentic:

  • Make sure your community falls into the target audience of the brand. If your followers are mostly girls between ages 16 to 24, creating content for a brand that focuses on men of ages 25 to 35 is not authentic. 
  • Take on partnerships where your online identity and values are in synergy with the brand. Only then will your audience be interested in the content and find it trustworthy. 

Work with brands you already love

The most realistic content comes from brand users because they have experienced the service or product in real life. And that shows when they share their opinion online or recommend the brand to someone else. Moreover, it adds value to the person reading or watching the content. 

These people are called brand advocates. That’s what you should be. It is the easiest way to create authentic content. Collaborate with brands you already use or at least want to at some point in your life. 

E.g., if you’ve always wanted to wear Puma, try to collaborate with them. If you already wear DaMENSCH, find a campaign with them. 

Ask for flexibility within campaign brief

The stage where most content goes for a toss and ends up looking like a #sponcon is the media brief. Most brands will give you a list of dos and don’ts. Those you must follow. 

But if they also give you a script for the content, ask them for more flexibility. You have your own style and manner. You know what your audience wants. When you use the brand’s tone or the vision they have for the content, it comes out very different from your natural style. 

That never sits well with your audience. It appears fake and created just for the perks the brand gives you. Ergo, in case the brand has a rigid concept of how the content should look or have, politely recommend some ideas that align more with your style

E.g., if in the video you have to show an outfit, show it in your way. Or, if you have to repeat a message the brand is pushing, put it in your words. 

Here’s an example!

Why should you create authentic content?

Authenticity makes for better content. It is essential to building trust in your community. 

It is genuine, unpolished posts free of too much editing that audiences relate to. The more from the heart your content is, the further it reaches people. It also brings in harder engagements like saves, shares and conversions – something brands want.

So, make honest, earnest and authentic content because it will bring you more collaborations. 

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