Instagram is the biggest weapon in a creator’s arsenal. When used right, it can help you reach new audiences, get more engagement from your community and even drive more sales during a brand collaboration. And the platform knows this. That’s why Instagram keeps introducing new features. First, it was IGTV, then Stories, then pinned comments, then Reels, then authenticity measures, and now it is Instagram Live Rooms. 

Psst: Here are some tips on using Instagram to grow your reach.

What is Instagram Live Rooms?

It’s an added feature where Instagram now allows you to go live with 3 other people at the same time. As the host, you remain at the top of the screen. The guests are added at the bottom. 

Instagram Live Rooms

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Psst: Here is the official announcement from Instagram.

Like most other updates and changes on the social, Live Rooms is a great way to increase your reach. How so?

Every time you add one more guest to your Live, all their followers are notified. So, 4 users mean 4 times the follower reach!

How to start using the Instagram Live Rooms feature?

  • Click on the + icon or swipe left
  • Choose the Live camera option on the ticker at the bottom of your screen
  • Add a title to your Live Room (It helps people who join in later know what’s the central topic)
  • Tap the Rooms icon
  • Add your guests (You can include all 3 at once or one by one later on)
  • Click the Live icon, and you’ll start broadcasting

Tips when using the Live Rooms feature

Make sure your internet connection is stable and strong. No one likes frozen videos and electronic, breaking voices. 

Spend the first few minutes of the Live Room in casual chatting. It’ll give viewers time to join. When there are enough viewers, begin. 

What’s possible while using Live Rooms?

  • You can report a comment. 
  • You can block a comment. 
  • You can even filter comments. 

These are tools the host can use. Viewers can buy a Live Badge to tip the creators. Badges are a great way for creators to earn some money while going Live. 

Psst: this is what you can do with a Badge.

Live Rooms also has a shopping feature. Any viewer can buy any product that is featured on the Live right from the app. This helps creators make more sales during a brand collaboration. 

What’s not allowed in Live Rooms?

  • Any user who is blocked by any of the guests or the Live Room’s host can’t join the session. 
  • Users whose live access was removed by Instagram because they violated the Community Guidelines can’t join a Live Room. 

Different ways creators can use Instagram Live Rooms

Live Rooms opens up many opportunities for content creators, from hosting a jam session to creating your own talk show. Here are some ways you can use the new Instagram feature:

Panels and Q&A

If you find that the pressure of going Live alone is too much or you’re too shy to do it solo, then Live Rooms is an excellent alternative. Add another creator in the same niche or one complementary to yours.

Use the session as a question-answer round to educate your community. For example, you can have a live panel or chat every month to teach your audience photography or how to cook. 

Fun giveaways

One of the easiest ways to collaborate with a brand is to do a giveaway. But they all use the same pattern and format. Mix it up with Live Rooms. Go live, ask your audience questions about the brand and then give viewers the chance to answer them. Those who get it right can be added as your guest to the Live Room and win a prize! 

Product review or how-to

Creators are always looking for more and new content ideas. Live Rooms gives you one. Instead of the usual video on how to use a product, go Live with fellow creators. Discuss the product as you use it. For example, 4 makeup artists can get ready on Live Rooms using a new eye shadow palette. 

Interactive sessions

Fitness creators, food creators and dancers can use Live Rooms to host an interactive session. Invite another baker and make some cookies together. Or invite a fitness enthusiast and exercise together. 

Amplify an issue

One last way creators can use Live Rooms for new content is just to hang. Given that covid cases are rising again, physical distancing is the need of the hour.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t socialise. 

Open up Live Rooms, add your friends and let the world listen to you talk about your Thng. It could be climate change, the current socio-political climate, or simply the story of when you first fell in love.

There are endless ways you can be more creative with Instagram Live Rooms. So, go forth and create!

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