5 Reasons For Brands To Collaborate With CGI Influencers on Instagram

5 Reasons For Brands To Collaborate With CGI Influencers on Instagram

  April 29, 2021



  April 29, 2021


With over a million followers on Instagram, you can only awe and wonder- how could they not be real?

CGI influencer industry may be on a nascent stage in advertising, but their prominence is rapidly increasing. With futuristic vision, they not just have a unique appearance & personality, but also share a strong voice on social issues. They are competing with human content creators and big brands like Prada & Moncler have already partnered with these digital creators. These influencers have a background story, write long instagram captions, click selfies on different locations, party with celebrities, and at times their lives are too perfect to be real (sense the irony!). One of these CGI influencers- Lil Miquella was also featured as the most influential personality by the Time Magazine. 


Now, apart from driving curiosity, why should a brand choose CGI over human influencers?

1) For Greater Control on Narrative

Collaborating with virtual influencers creates an opportunity for a brand to have greater control on the narrative. They can craft the story and execution to drive a specific result for a campaign.

2) For Easy Adaptability & Greater Impact

Let’s face it, the world has changed and it’s getting difficult to reach out to promoters located in the different parts of the continent. With the help of CGI, these promoters can blend with any brand and can be placed in any location to drive interest and result impact.

3) To Advocate A Strong Voice

CGI influencers took #MeToo and #BlackLives Matter campaigns to all new levels on instagram. They generally share a strong voice, which can be beneficial to increase trust for brands.

4) Community & Growing Popularity

Lil Miquela is just one name, there are others like Bermuda, Blawko, and Shudu (world’s first digital supermodel), who have over lakhs of followers on Instagram. With time, their popularity & reach is growing only upwards.

5) To Create New Possibilities

With the use of CGI, practically anything is possible for a brand. Startups investing in creating digital influencers have raised more than 10 million dollars in funding, and their future appears to be promising.

This means a strong competition for human content creators, but there’s nothing to worry as long as you hold to uniqueness, originality, and creativity.

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