5 International Podcasts That’ll Help You Survive The Curfew 

5 International Podcasts That’ll Help You Survive The Curfew 

  May 2, 2021



  May 2, 2021


One of the major reasons for the growing popularity of podcasts is that they allow listeners to multitask. A recent study conducted by Edison Research revealed that people listen to podcasts while working out, driving, and walking. This means that the audience who listen to podcasts are doing different tasks at the same time. 

Similarly, podcasts also offer a simple and easy way to stay up to date with the latest events and news from all over the globe. Apart from that, people love to listen to podcasts also because they are entertaining. 

You will be able to find a fine collection of entertaining and engaging podcasts on the web. Since there is an overwhelming number of podcasts out there, we have listed the best five International podcasts that everyone should hear. 




If you are someone who likes to learn about a wide range of topics, then you should check out STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW. The hosts of the show, Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant discuss topics like Ponzi schemes, hoarding, Pompeii, LSD, narwhals, and more. Three episodes of STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW are released every week. 

In The Dark 


In The Dark podcast is an ideal choice for fans of the thriller genre. The podcast, which has won the Peabody Award investigates the criminal justice and law enforcement system. 


The first season of “In The Dark” investigated the case of an 11-year old boy, Jacob Wetterling who was kidnapped while the second season investigated the case of Curtis Flowers, an American who was tried for the same murder six times.

Call Your Girlfriend 


Call Your Girlfriend podcast is hosted by Aminatou Sou and Ann Friedman, who are long-distance friends. The podcast, which will feel like a chat between two best friends covers both heavy and light topics. The topics that are covered in the podcast may range from books, sex education, patriarchy, current events, random topics, and more. 



Song Exploder 


Song Exploder is one of the most popular music podcasts that music lovers shouldn’t miss out on. There is even a spin-off series on Netflix for this podcast. In the podcast, you will be able to listen to artists who speak and break down their songs along with explaining their origin. 


Cinema Clash 


Hannah Buchdal, who is a Part-time movie reviewer joins Charlie Juhl (film-critic) to talk about newly released movies in the Cinema Clash podcast. The pair often cover multiple films in a single episode and they have very different opinions on movies, which makes the podcast interesting for movie buffs. 


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