Now that we’re all back home trying our level best to stay safe, it’s time to start creating great content from home again. Staying inside four walls however can be a creative block for some of us and Do Your Thng is here to help you through it! 

Here are 7 tips for you to create great content from the safety of your home. 


  1. Brush up on your skills through online courses
    Now that we have a little more time in your hands, use it wisely to brush up your photography and photo editing skills through online courses.

  2. Create a small make-shift studio space
    Try and create a dynamic makeshift studio space that allows you to experiment with your backgrounds. For example, use a white sheet to make your background and fill the space with colourful knick-knacks. Having a plain background will let you set a new mood for different shoots.  Here’s an example of how Simran Anand used whte background to create two different moods.

  3. Give a BTS to your followers
    We said it before and we are saying it again authentic content is the key! Give your audience a look behind the scenes. Show them that you are human, show them that you are relatable and show them everything that happens behind one post. This way your audience can relate to you and love you!
  4. Go Live, Vlog and expand your content creation horizons
    Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!! Try new content, go live and talk to your followers, ask them what kind of content they want to see from you! Engagement is the key to creating a community and growing as an influencer.
  5. Challenge your follower to generate UGC Content
    Create challenges for your followers. Ask them to remix your reels, recreate your posts- it can be your fashion looks, your recipes, your flatlay pictures, your workout routines and so much more. This will help you expand your reach. 
  6. Experiment with editing
    Add some variety to your picture and videos with new styles of editing. Try out new apps for editing, sharpen up your skills in the apps you are already using. Level up your editing game!
    Here’s an example from Queen Komal’s Instagram.
  7. Don’t stress!!
    Content creation is a job of creativity and stress will get you nowhere. Chill out, plan your content and give your best. Take a break from it all if you need to. Creative block is completely normal and and the only way to come out of it is through it! Try journaling, get inspo ideas from other creators and keep doing your thng! We’re all in this together and you can do it!!