What do you do when you can’t go out and get a photoshoot done with a proper camera and another person behind the camera- you do a self-portrait shoot! 

We know it can be tough to shoot at home without  a team helping you get those kick-ass shots you have in your head. This article will try and help you resolve this problem by giving you a bunch of tips and tricks on how to self-shoot portraits within your home. 


  1. Get all the things you need

First thing you need apart from a device with a camera is a stand. This can be a tripod, a phone holder, a selfie stick or just a plain old table on which you can prop up your device. Make sure whichever way you’re using is a stable surface which will secure your device and get you the angle that you aim for. It is understood without stating that the safety of our device triumphs over experimenting with it. 


2. Frame your shot

It can be tricky to come up with a perfect frame when you are shooting yourself. What can make it easier is visualizing your shot when you are setting up your device. Picture yourself in the frame and picture the end goal you want to achieve. This will help you come up with creative frames within the space you have. 


3. Getting the right focus

If you are shooting with your phone, use the back camera. The quality of your back camera is much better and will give you a better output when compared to your front camera. What you can do is set the frame using your front camera and then flip it once you are ready to take the shot.
If you are using a camera, you can either use the auto-focus feature or you can place an object in the position you are going to be in to set the focus. Once the timer starts you can then remove the object and assume position. Thanks to technology, another easy way would be through the app provided by your camera company. You can control your camera and see the frame through the app. 


4. Nail that pose! 

It can get a little awkward to pose when you are running between the camera and the frame. So what you can do to make it a little less awkward is to use the burst mode feature in your device. That way you can keep posing and the camera will keep clicking the images and then when you are done, you can select the images that you want from the burst. Move about, do random things, smile your heart out, and keeping doing your thng in the frame to get that perfect snap! Another way you can go about is take a video and then capture frames from that video to use as pictures. 


5. Experiment with angles

Try out new angles for unique looking pictures. Try capturing from the top angle, use your camera’s wide-angle lens for some really cool backgrounds. Keep your phone on the floor and use objects to create illusions with. 


Next time you are doing a self-portrait shoot keep these 5 tips in mind and you can create great looking self-portraits for sure! 

Until then, Do Your Thng!!