All the major video statistics findings suggest that you would have watched a video before clicking on to read this article.

– 78% users watch videos every week
– 55% users watch videos everyday
– 82% of all internet consumption is of online videos.
– 81 % of all businesses use video marketing strategy.

Even social media platforms have realized the importance of video engagement, where Facebook boosts a video organically if it deeply engages viewers (explains why we get lost on Facebook watch). So, if you’re a creator, we suggest investing your time and budget in creating more video content. To help you get better in the process and result in more engagement, we’ve curated 6 honest tips, backed by creator experiences. Check them out:

Use Easy To Follow Transitions

Transitions are an easy way to hook audiences and its usage is populated all over on instagram reels. Use them to make the narrative simpler and they can be learned easily with the help of tutorials (get ready for re-do’s though!). 

Put Your Best 8 Seconds First

With the growing preference of disappearing and short-form video content, human concentration has been reduced to 8 seconds on the internet (we skip videos in 5). Hence, we recommend putting the best foot forward by bringing the most engaging shots at the beginning of a video. 

Curate According To The Audience 

Nothing can stop you from becoming a popular creator if you know your audience likes & dislikes. Plan your content according to the user preference and then, do your thng! Isn’t it why Lily Singh became Superwoman?

3 Mantras- Engage, Engage, Engage

Put aside time for going live, reply to every comment, and post engaging questions on stories. It’s essential to have audience interactions to form a personal connection, which ultimately boosts engagement.

Add Credibility- It Goes Long

Credibility to content and topics goes a long way in a creator’s journey. Your videos won’t get those extra likes, shares, and following until they provide value to the audience.


Never, Ever, Never miss on Trending Formats

The popular song on reels or a format may not concern your content but definitely holds the potential to hook audiences. Smartly adopt it in your content to make more engaging and visible- like this one


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