Thinking about adopting a sustainable lifestyle? Looking for motivation to go green? These new-age influencers will give you all the encouragement you need to live an organic life: 


Trash is for tossers (@trashisfortossers)


This account is managed by Lauren, a popular New York activist and advocate of zero waste products. She also started two companies: Package Free Shop for promoting eco-friendly products and The Simply Co for selling vegan and organic laundry detergents. 


Plant-Based Blonde (@plantbasedblonde)


Plant-Based Blonde’s owner Caroline is a certified plant-based nutritionist and wellness coach. Her posts beautifully capture the beauty of sustainable living. She also shares recipes of mouth-watering vegan and plant-based dishes that you cannot afford to miss. 


Treading My Own Path (@treadingmyownpath)


Lindsay Miles believes in the philosophy of “less waste, less plastic, less stuff”. She suggests recipes and lifestyle tips on how we can reduce waste and decrease our carbon footprint. Her two books, Less Stuff and Less Waste, No Fuss Kitchen are based on the same theme.


Going Zero Waste (


Kathryn Kellog started Going Zero Waste after having a close encounter with breast cancer. Her feed oozes sustainability as well as positivity. She also wrote “101 Ways To Go Zero Waste” and works as a spokesperson of plastic-free living for Net Geo. 


Anya Gupta (@anya.gupta)


Anya Gupta’s page is dedicated to promoting organic fashion brands. She is a farmer and owner of Aura Life, a private farm for sustainable living in Chandigarh. You will find helpful reviews and DIY tips on green lifestyle on her profile. 

Natasha Sood (@ispynats)



Natasha Sood will never fail to amaze you with out-of-the-box tips on how to adapt a more sustainable lifestyle. Her feed is informative, bold and inspiring. She also shares her daily routine which you can also practice for nature-based living.


Karuna Ezara Parekh (@karunaezara)


Karuna’s vision is to protect our environment from harmful pollutants and plastics. Her page is all about suggesting practices and lifestyle changes we should follow for preserving our nature.


Instagram has a fair share of influencers actively promoting sustainable and organic lifestyle. It’s high time that you too take some inspiration and start living a more healthy life.