Influencers sincerely working towards making an impact are so rare these days! If you are too done with scrolling through all superficial accounts, here’s a list of 5 Indian influencers you can follow who are using their popularity to bring change in the society: 



A transwoman who is unapologetically herself is changing the world. Trinetra’s Instagram journey began when she started talking about her journey as a transwoman. She is vocal about LGBTQIA rights, women’s rights, casteism and so much more. She uses her platform to help those in need and spread awareness about different burning issues. Her extremely pretty pictures showing her true self are just the cherry on top of her honest, no-bull shit handle.




Ranveer Allahabadi, owner of Beerbiceps, is a motivational speaker and a fitness freak. His social media pages are filled with inspirational quotes, career as well as relationship advice. Ranveer’s words have the power to give you a new perspective towards life. He touches sensitive topics through his posts such as pressure on today’s youth, career insecurities, love vs physical intimacy, etc. He also runs a podcast “The Ranveer Show” where he invites successful people from different fields to talk about their journeys and struggles. 




In the era of polarized news channels and lazy journalism, Andre Borges brings us the honest news through his Instagram handle. His reportings are as real and raw as they could get. Andre is brutally honest and doesn’t shy away from calling out those in power. Occasionally, he retorts to sarcasm for proving his point. If you are looking for an honest source of news, you should follow his page. 




Gurmehar Kaur, an activist and author, is a true representation of what woman empowerment should look like. She gained fame around 2017 for supporting the “Save DU Campaign”. She’s a fearless woman continuously raising her voice via her Instagram page against injustice and takes a firm stand for neglected sections of society. Her book “Small Acts of Freedom” traces her grandmother, mother and her life’s journey. 




Rachita Taneja, popularly known as the owner of Sanitary Panels, is an Indian webcomic artist and social activist. She uses her artistic skills for subtle social commentaries and political remarks. Her comic strips present a satirical take on the current situation of our country. They are not just funny and cute but also eye-openers. You should definitely follow her if you want to stay updated with current happenings of our surroundings. 


The content of these influencers have the power to change your perception. Do give them a follow and get inspired to do some good for people around you!