If you are here, it means you are looking for the most optimal usage of your social media platform. 

Whether you are aiming to be an influencer or trying to create a digital presence for your brand or business, social media platforms are the place to be, but then again with over 3 billion people using the same platforms as you, it might be a tad bit difficult to reach your target audience or to find your niche. 

The best way to go about this is to be as engaging with the audience as possible, if they are into what you are putting up, they’ll stay; if not, better luck next time. 

Sorry! what was that? Oh, you already knew that? 

Well, good for you, then let’s get to the meaty part, shall we?


Here are some ways to ensure your engaging ideas get to fruition

Divide your content

First and foremost, the human brain is extraordinary, but it’s also extraordinarily lazy. Why do you think we keep focusing on making shortcuts? Because we want to do the bare minimum.

Apply this to your content, divide it into sections, use space, text, graphics, to guide the eyes to the main focus without much effort. Don’t tire the audience, give them most in the smallest packets.

But don’t lay down all your cards in the first go; here’s a formula for you:

  1. Valuable content to grab attention
  2. Bit of explanation
  3. Valuable content to take home 

Divide your content to open with a bang and close with a bang-bang. This would create anticipation, and increase the chances of saves on Instagram. 

Polls and selection based stories

We thrive on stories, they are short, simple and to the point; should be easy right? It indeed is. People love to give their opinions, shocker; so let them, but on your terms. Stories with polls and selection based questions work the best to create engagements, and stories with more engagement get more promotion.   

But make the questions specific to you or your brand, don’t be random, ensure that the content on your story can create a narration for you. Be as precise as possible!

If you are using questions that require answers to be typed, ensure that the answers can be completed in not more than 4 words.

Get face to face

When you are engaging with your audience, you have to get ready for a one-on-one, or one-on-billions? Hopefully

And that may sometimes mean showing that pretty face. Making virtual eye contact can create a much bigger impact than you can imagine, but your voice, or behind the scenes of your work will also help if you are uncomfortable

Make your content as personal as possible and you are good to go.  

Ask for suggestions or help on posts

This one is a tough cookie, but not uncrackable. Commenting takes more time than a lot of people are willing to spend, so asking them to share random thoughts or getting them to comment anything good will be difficult, especially if you are in the beginning stage. 

But asking for help and suggestions on relatable issues can get you the kind of engagement you are looking for.

Brownie points if you answer all the comments and be polite.


Don’t underestimate the power of hashtags, it can be a hit and miss, but it can also create and crash you; Nah! it’s not that scary.

Make a list of 

  • Hashtags that go with your content
  • Hashtags with the most likes, not the ones most used
  • Latest; it shouldn’t be older than 14 days

And you are good to go! or you can always use specific apps to get hashtags for your content. Do make use of all 30 hashtags that are allowed.

And there you are, a bit of research, a dash of hard work and a sprinkle of creativity is all you need to get your perfect recipe to achieve your goals.