We all wish to relive certain breathtaking moments of our lives again and again. And the best way to do it are photographs! Here are 7 Indian photographers acing their camera game and giving us major inspiration to capture the beauty surrounding us. 



  • Avinash Chaurasiya (mr.khachack)


Avinash sets the bar really high when it comes to capturing close-ups and aesthetic shots from unknown corners of the street. He is a photographer from Mumbai clicking everything from streets, fashion, wildlife to flatlays. Avinash’s creative lens extends to the beautiful landscape view of beaches as well. 



  • Sasi Kumar (sasikumar_ksk)


Sasi is a macro photographer showcasing the beauty of nature through his high quality zoomed-in lush pictures. His dedication is clearly visible in the well-timed shots of small creatures on his instagram feed. You should also check out his editing tutorial videos for amazing hacks and tips. 



  • Arpit Rungta (arpitr93)


Arpit started his journey as nature and wildlife photographer but eventually moved on to fashion and beauty. His pictures represent an emotion hidden within the glamour. He has worked with many popular brands and mentored by Daboo Ratnani himself.



  • Vanshdeep Singh Sisodiya (1shdeep)


Vanshdeep is a 22 year old photographer and travel filmmaker hailing from Bhopal. His knowledge of contrasting colors and ability to blend them effortlessly are clearly visible in his pictures. Vanshdeep’s shots are a representation of how he sees the world which makes them look as real as possible. 



  • Vishul (@soulandfuel)


A filmmaker and nature photographer, Vishul’s camera handling skills are top notch. He clicks pictures from uncommon angles putting a fresh perspective to everything he captures. He also uses drones to make soothing reels and cover top views of nature. 



  • Arvind Patwal (@arvindpatwalphotography)


Arvind’s instagram page is motivational for anyone interested in capturing a human emotion in its most raw form. His pictures bring out colours from vast cultures of India. Some of the photos on his feed are powerful enough to look into your soul. He also makes travelling videos and picturesque reels recording his view of the world. 



  • Priya Chhabra (@priyachhabraphotography)


Priya specializes in clicking family pictures, new moms, and maternity portraits. Her feed is full of cute baby shots and heartwarming couple portraits. You can feel the love and affection radiating from her gorgeously captured shots. 


It is rightly said that a picture is worth a thousand words. The Instagram feed of these photographers is tangible proof of this. If you too have a desire to click vibrant pictures, follow these photographers and learn some amazing hacks.