July 1, 2021



  July 1, 2021


Who is an INFLUENCER?  


At this point, even the ones living under the imaginary rocks have heard the word ‘Influencer’. Did you know according to Google, there are about 3.2M – 37.8M influencers in the whole world.


But numbers are not why you are here, you’re here because either you aspire to be an influencer or you are learning more about the concept of social media marketing (or you are tired of every second person calling themselves an influencer and want to smack this article onto their face.)


Here’s a breakdown 

A social media influencer is a person who

  • has considerably more followers on social media than an average person 
  • who promotes a brand or idea
  • put up good content, including and not limited to photos. caption, videos, etc

Of course, there are many more categories but these 3 are the basics that every influencer have in common.


In the social media marketing industry, (yes, it’s an industry now, stop rolling your eyes) these social media influencers are divided into categories, based on their following numbers because, more following=more reach, more reach=more chances for sale of brand or idea; simple math (enough with the eye-rolling!)


Influencer categories

  1. Mega influencer/celebrity influencer: Think big, think glamorous, think stars; and you have it. These are the celebrities who have millions of followers on social media and who have a voice loud enough, metaphorically speaking, in society. Examples would be the Kardashians, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Jannat Zubair Rahmani 
  2. Macro influencers: The upcoming celebrities with 10,000-1M followers on Instagram, mostly the important ones in their particular niche, but slightly dimmed star power. These are the TV actors, journos and the likes. Names like Jordan Yeoh, Aditi Raval
  3. Micro-influencers: The 500k -10,000 bracket, the children of social media, ones who put out maximum content, responsible for maximum entertainment on social media. This list would have names such as Vishal Phale and Paras Arora.


There are of course more influencers with fewer followers, but the above mentioned are the cream on the cake.


Celebrities  ≠ influencers

Not all celebrities are influencers. Almost all A-list actors have millions of followers, but not all of them are influencers, social media influencers specifically charge an amount per post they do, for the brand to get promotion on different social media platforms, which may bring the sale of the idea or product. Not all celebrities do that. 


Twisted hierarchy 

Although Influencers are categorized according to their following on social media platforms, it’s not always a clear hierarchy.


Because when it comes to social media, the factors that most matters are

  • Reach: How many people can the content go to
  • Authenticity: Social media is dubbed a fake world, but it still needs some reality 
  • Response: The engagement with the audience

Every brand while picking an influencer, looks for these 3 factors.

Mega influencers have a good reach, but they lack when it comes to response because of a lack of engagement with the audience; whereas, micro-influencers may have the lesser reach, but they are the group with maximum engagement. 


Similarly, micro-influencers and macro-influencers are the ones who create maximum content, the reels, challenges; everything that trends online, is created by these two groups, which is why they have a better way to show their authenticity.


These bring us to the last factor, response. An influencer’s most important job is to gently push people into consuming what they are promoting.


And when all of these factors are combined, who can be more successful depends from brand to brand, product to product and influencer to influencer. 


Now you know the job description of a social media influencer, so don’t be afraid to use this knowledge however you deem fit. 


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