New Metrics Of IG Reel To Boost Content Game

The Explore page on Instagram has been for some time now been a convenient market for businesses. 

No one can call creating an online presence an easy feat, but Facebook-owned Instagram uses every opportunity to reel in more and more creator-friendly tools.


Reels get an update.

Reels feature of Instagram is being used heavily by content creators and business pages to gather more reach.


And why not? Reels are the best in-between feature on the explore page. It does not have a short duration as a story; it has more content than a static or carousel post. It gives more features to play around with and can hold the interest of the audience more effectively.


It may be why Instagram recently added a new insight tool to the reels and going live feature. It will allow Reels to give metrics that show Plays, Accounts Reached, Likes, Comments, Saves, and Shares. In addition, Instagram Live will show Accounts Reached, Peak Concurrent Viewers, Comments, and Shares.


How insights help content creators and business pages

What content rocks and what flops

Every content creator or business page has their niche, a specific audience that they cater to. This niche is important because they are your potential customers. Insights give you details that help you realize what type of content your audience prefers. Furthermore, this aids you to keep them interested and with you in the long run.


Like everything, there are some tried and tested ways for brand imaging and content creation, but social media has an incredible and constant hunger for novelty.


The audience on Instagram always is on the lookout for a new trend. The work of a content creator is to provide something interesting as fast as possible. 


It is where insights can be helpful; the Instagram metrics provide very detailed information about the performance of every reel, creating space for experimentation. The more you experiment, the more data you get to repeat.

Time of post

Timing is one of the most important factors when it comes to the success or failure of reels. Weekends, lunchtime, and late hours of the day get maximum engagement on Instagram. But these are the very general idea. The timing of posting is customisable according to one’s followers. Insights help you find the perfect hours or days for posting.


Eye on progress

At the end of the road, all any content creator wants is to make progress via their content. Insights of consistent posts can give information on how much progress one has made in a period or some posts.


Social media keeps on renovating according to its users; to create more engagement and get more activity. Insights are another tool in the same path. 


Now that you have learned what a simple click in the settings on your reels can do, get reeling!