No matter how deep your well of inspiration is, it does run dry at some point. There are days where you’re clueless about what content to create for social media. But since you have just one job — to create content — this simply does not do! So, we’re here with some much-needed rain and respite — latest social media trends that any creator can jump on to generate engaging content. 

1. Use Remix on Instagram Reels

Reels are a great way to up engagement. Every creator knows this and the first-ever Creator Week at Instagram proved it. (Swing by here for tips from the Head of Instagram on how to increase reach with Reels).

But creating the same format gets old. Quick. That’s why the latest trend is Remix, where you can react to videos from other users. 

Since the feature is new, Instagram is pushing Remixes. This means the chances of greater reach is much higher. Plus, if the creator of the original video reposts your Remix, the engagement can go through the roof.

2. Forget selfies, use self-timers

The heyday of selfies is finally over. This decade is all about self-timer. Just prop up your phone anywhere and get to clicking. You don’t even need fancy equipment to click a kickass self-timed photo. 

3. Photo dumps are the ‘in’ thing.

Another latest social media trend that has become very popular on social media is a carousel of photos. It could be 10 images from a trip you took pre-COVID or a visual diary of you growing up as a creator over the years. 

The only rule to photo dumps is not to post filtered, posed or staged pictures. The idea is to share a handful of candid images that show the real you.

4. Gamify your content

Followers want to be entertained more than anything else. That’s why the one trend that emerged and will likely stay is gamified content. Recall those posts about which house you belong to? Or those bingo-like posts? 

That’s what we’re talking about. It could be a quiz or random ‘choose your own X’ post. Take your pick. The thumb rule is to make your content interactive. 

5. Embrace Stickers on Instagram Stories

Stories started as a way to post content that didn’t make the feed cut. Now, they are a boss way to connect with your followers. They are authentic and fun. The more your followers engage with them, the more your content is pushed forward. 

But like with Reels, the same old Story format gets boring after a while. To switch it up, use stickers. The latest social media trend, Stickers on Stories are excellent in boosting creator engagement. 

You can use them in inventive ways not just for images but also videos. Did you know that videos that have Stickers perform better 83% of the time? 

Another reason to use Stickers is to show followers that you are just like them. Something like “type a date and I’ll show you a BTS from it” works wonders. 

6. Forget filters, be your honest self

Before Covid-19 hit, highly polished, glossy and curated content was par for the course on Instagram. Now, people want authenticity. They want to see real, not aspirational content. 

So, don’t use too many filters on your posts. A colour correction here and a tiny edit there is okay. But the content still has to be relatable and true to real life. 

That means you have to be your honest self. Share the challenges you face in day-to-day life as a creator. Show them the unglamorous side of being an influencer. 

7. Claim your voice and speak in it

The one social media trend that will never change is talking in your own voice. That means if you are passionate about climate change, use your platform to be vocal about it. Irrespective of whether you have 1000 followers or 100,000. 

Apply your voice to educate and inform your audience. The time when social media was just a place for great aesthetics is gone. Users of today want informative content. So, share links from other accounts or your own personal experience about things that matter to you!

8. Endorse brands that echo your values

The audience nowadays is fast in developing a sense of and resonation with values of a creator. They will instantly know when a creator endorses a brand that does not align with the values that the creator claims to be otherwise associated with. It is best to stay true to yourself and your audience by associating with brands that represent your moral and ethical values.

9. Purpose-driven content

Content piece that has an underlying social message are gaining popularity these days. With the audience becoming more woke and aware in the recent times, users expect brands and influencers alike to take a stand in addressing the issues haunting the society.

As a result, content creators who convey strong messages from the expression of their content are looked up to by the audience. They are unsung heroes of a movement towards a better society and make the audience feel more visible and heard by giving a strong voice to and a platform for their opinion.

This has led to a more open and productive dialogue and awareness around sensitive issues such as inclusion and diversity, political inconsistencies, restoration of ecosystem and natural resources, etc.

That’s it, folks! Those were some of the latest social media trends creators can incorporate in their content right now.