Travelling isn’t cheap. Food, accommodation and transportation alone could put a huge dent in your pocket. So we did some digging in to our favourite solo travel creator‘s profile Nidhi and compiled a list of 7 budget friendly places to visit in India!

Budget friendly place #1:Pulga – Parvati Valley

budget friendly places to visit in India 7

A little close to famous Parvati Valley is situated a small village, Pulga. It has a picturesque waterfall, local market and a magical fairy forest. You can stay here in a decent guest house charging as low as 300 INR per night and eat food from any local café at a reasonable rate. Guess what Nidhi recommends most? Pulga’s Mango Shakes!

Budget friendly place # 2: Jhibi

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Another pristine village that you would see a lot on Nidhi’s Instagram is Jhibi. From forts, temples to lakes and waterfalls, this small village hidden in Banjar Valley has everything a traveler desires. Accommodation including food starts from approx. 1000 INR a day. 

Budget friendly place #3: Old Manali

budget friendly places to visit in India 6

Manali might seem too mainstream and costly considering its popularity. But not if you follow Nidhi’s footsteps. Plan your trip around Old Manali instead of New Manali. It has a hippie vibe and serene environment. Stay at homestay, eat at local cafes and dhabas, and visit historical places via public transport. 

Budget friendly place #4: Patnitop, Jammu

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Patnitop is a beautiful hill station in Jammu that has religious importance as well. Surrounded by coniferous forest, you can explore this picturesque place with just 800 – 900 INR per day (accommodation and food). Temples of the Patnitop are a must watch! 

Budget friendly place #5: Khajuraho

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Khajuraho is heaven for history buffs who prefer exploring archeological sites. In Nidhi’s own words, “Once I was in Khajuraho, the grandeur of forts, the richness of architecture, the stories weaved in between the walls and  of course their unending beauty took me in awe.” You can choose a hotel between 300 to 3000 INR depending upon your budget. Use public transport and visit all famous places, especially Western Group of Temples, for a budget friendly stay at Khajuraho. 

Budget friendly place #6: Bir Billingbudget friendly places to visit in India 2

Bir Billing is popular for paragliding but you can do a lot of other fun activities too here. Experience the lifestyle of Dzongsar Khyentse monks, visit the serene monasteries or hike to Gunehar River Pool. You can soak in the serenity of this mesmerizing place starting from just 1000 INR (food and accommodation).

Budget friendly place #7: Rishikesh

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Rishikesh is a popular tourist hub because of its divine beauty and religious significance. You can visit this place for just 1000 INR per day and enjoy the peaceful scenery on the bank of holy river Ganga. Do not miss the auspicious Ganga aarti in the evening. 

Tell us your budget friendly places to visit in India!

Nidhi believes that traveling can be affordable if you stay at hostels, shop local, eat at dhabas and use public transportation. This also makes the experience more authentic and you get to see the native culture. So pack your bags, catch a bus and set your soul free!

And, oh, don’t forget to mention your favourite cheap places to visit in India!